Would this effect my re-hire status?

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    I have recently applied to a local hub for a package handler job. The only problem is its not the hub i want to work for, the drive is an extra 20 minutes, tolls, and traffic, etc. The problem i have is that i want to work at the closer hub, they're just not hiring yet. Would UPS get mad and give me a negative re-hire status if they call up to tell me i have the job but tell them no? I would explain why and explain i just want to work closer to home and all. But dont want to risk getting a negative hiring status. I know beggars cant be choosers and all but the other hub is just way better commute, i know some of the drivers, and it was the hub i worked for during peak.
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    As long as you emphasize the commute issue and that you are willing to wait for a position to come open at the nearer facility, I think you will be fine.
    Ask the person calling you if this will affect your being considered for the nearer facility.
    Maybe contact the helper contact you had or the center manager and see when they anticipate a position opening.
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    That is really the only way to know.

    You will know for sure, if you turn down the job and never get a call back.
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    If you've only just applied they probably don't even know you exist yet. The process is basically all automated until you've finished a tour and scheduled an interview. If you're emailed about a tour, you could go to it and talk to an HR person face to face. You could also ask about transferring buildings in the future. Might be possible if they're in the same local.
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    That would be a last resort thing. Very last resort.
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    Whe I applied HR wanted me to go to another building. I basically told them that such and such building was the only one I'm interested in and I'm not interested in making the extra drive for the other building.
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    How much longer did you have to wait before being hired?
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    None. This was before Cornerstone, and was my 1st meeting/interview in the largest hub in the area. It was where our HR department used to be. I also was willing to not work for UPS if I had to drive to the center farther away. It would have been an extra 30 minute drive to work and through the AM rush hour on the way home.