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  1. drewed

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    So Im sitting here watching It takes a thief, for you that dont know this a show where rich people that are lazy have a guy try to break into their house and see where their security risks well anyways three guys get out of the "painters van" (the people that are supposed to fake robbing the house, and guess whos walking up at the same time mr UPS delivery man, and lets the guy that just hopped out of the van sign for the package....Im not a driver so i dont know but if you saw a painter hop out of a van would you allow him to sign for a package when you havent seen he even has access to the residence?
  2. John19841

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    I'm going out on a limb here :whistling... BUT, I'm guessing that the driver probably noticed the camera crew /every one else there it takes to stage that and had a pretty good idea of what was going on...
  3. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    well it looks like theyre using like pinhole cams and a surveliance truck sooo i dont think it was notice be :S
  4. bellesotico

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    Gosh drewed!..not all rich people are big anti rich person you! :wink2::happy-very:

    Just Kidding!! Really!! Sorry..I know I'm horrid..but I just had to :)
  5. bellesotico

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    I'm betting that it was a set up. Just think of how many people might freak out thinking that ups is that careless. I'm sure legal was consulted before they were allowed to air that.

    But then again..stranger things have :)
  6. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    well it was pixalated but it was brown and he had a diad....its obvious for me its UPS but maybe not for the general pblic
  7. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    ahhh ok. Hmm..nutty :)
  8. hseofpayne

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    Thats a funny show to me, bunch of ex(yeah right) thieves breaking into houses, businesses, ect. From what I have seen of the show, access to the residence was soon to be granted! Those guys are excellent at B&E. It would probably depend on how professional the guys looked, what time it was, whether I was late for lunch or not, if it was raining, how heavy the box was, what was in it, how my sporh were looking, how much further it was to the house, but more than likely, if the owner wasn't home, I would leave a note a bring it back. Let the owner decide if she trusted them if they were still there the next day.
  9. scratch

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    There ain't no way that I would give a package to a contractor or someone who just gets out of a car. If I have never seen them before, I do not let them have it. I have had problems in one of my new subdivisions in the past. After a few deliveries turned up missing, I noticed that every worker at certain sites would quit working and start watching me. It got to where I would not DR on that street until the work crews moved on. I have done some construction work in my past, most of them are hard working honest people. But some would steal anything they could get away with.
  10. feeder53

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    I would not release a package unless there was posative proof of ownership....But picture the crook who would break into a house and answer the door for your delivery....who would know or ask......