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    Hello it has been a while since my last post but I know good advice comes from here so here I go..I gained seniority as a preloader on 03/10. On Oct. 15, 2011 I got married. On Oct. 17 i took my vaction and went on a week long cruise for my honeymoon. This morning start time for my center was at 0500, at 0510 I was pulled into the office and told I was terminated. When I got back from the cruise my dad handed me a letter he had signed for that came to his house on the 14th of Oct. When he terminted me my sup. told me i never filed on a termination letter. Then as I sat in my car and talked to my dad on the phone they came out there and told me I had to leave. Keep in mind there is a total of 12 on my preload shift so we all close. I still have a full time job but they dont offer insurance and I am type 1 diabetic and I wear an insulin pump. My BA called and told me that possibly my center manager didnt know I was on vacation because it has to be ten working days. So now I am trying to get my hand on some greivence forms and see what happens. I just cant believe how cold hearted my sups. were about this. Sorry bout the spelling but im an emotional wreck considering my wife that just got health insurance yesterday is still sleeping and knows nothing about this yet.

    BTW I worked yesterday and my union ba visited from the city. Im in a right to work state and I joined the union so I pay my dues.
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    ????? Why were you terminated? How could they not know you were on vaca?
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    I just found out that it was for action taken on the 5th of Oct. I looked at the calender and I have only worked 8 days since then. The center manager didnt know I was on vacation because he didnt care. The sups under him are his puppets so you know they dont ask questions.. As far as what its for is either attendance or misloads. I have to set up in the morning so I have have to be there 30 mins early. One day I clocked in a min late. Yes a min late.
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    I had to represent someone once who was clocking in and the time changed. I was standing there when it happened, as I had just clocked in. Hate to say this, but late is late. File the grievance. You will get your job back.
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    Were you given a warning letter for past actions,or a verbal spanking ?? They just cant fire you for that !!!!get a hold of your B.A right now,leave a voice mail for him/her and send an Email off to Union hall now,if it is to far away,or just drive down there and speak to some body !! Good Luck !! And congrads on your wedding!!
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    Maybe you should call the local news station.

    Public corporations HATE being on TV, especially these days when the general public is foaming at the mouth to grab the pitchforks.

    "part-time worker terminated while on honeymoon... More at 5"


    That's sucks man, no joke, pretty low class move on UPS's part- are any of us REALLY that surprised at the incompetence? I'm not. It'll all work out, don't worry!
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    Got to love the UPS "family". UPS is like the MOB they will give you 2 in the hat for just looking at them the wrong way.
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    That's stone cold but it's the truth. Call your ba and file a grievance he will work it out.
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    Agree with everyone else. File a grievance. I've seen several preloaders in my center receive terminations for misloads and undependability only to get their jobs back shortly after.