Writting Grievance for doing things your not willing to do????

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    ok i have a question.. im a p.t sup..and basically my question is. I always hear these hourly employees constantlyyyy complain about they working too hard or complaining about moving to the work and wanting to go home early with a whole lot work sitting on the belt.. ok now my question is.. why the hell would u want to write a grievance on me if im picking up your slack.. if you cant even perform at the level i would if i was an hourly. First of you dont even perform at a level that is acceptable. which is my fault for letting you slack like that.. not just that but then you carry yourself in conversations with other employees from different areas being distracted and not doing any work at all.. just standing there talking and not doing work. But if they see me as much as touching 1 package its automatically filing for grievance. Also another question. If an employee use excessive personal time and im talking about anywhere from 15-30 mins inbetween every hr could that be considered stealing companies time? especially if the employee doesnt notify a supervisor. the employee just walks out the area and doesnt come back for long periods of time.. on another note its funny because union workers want to complain about management working.. well maybe we wouldnt be working if people knew how to do their dam jobs. if it was for me.. i would love to sit in a office.. and just write on a piece of paper making more then you would if u stayed in the company for 5 yrs =]. its really not that great being a union employee. ... and 1 more thing i want to comment.. about p/t sup being yelled at? that is not true. your asked to do your responsibilities and your accountable to make production .etc. maybe its because i never tolerated anyone coming out of character towards me. if a full time sup screams at me. we can sit in the managers office and discuss a way where i would be talked to in a proper professional matter. thats all to it.. =]
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    It sounds as though you need to gain control of your work group.
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    What company do you work for because it certainly is not UPS.

    If a FT supervisor screams at you, you take it like a peasant and keep your mouth shut.

    If a union hourly wants to grieve you, they grieve you. It does not matter who or what they do or how fast they do it. I could lift the newspaper more than lift packages in a day and there's not much you can do about it.

    I agree about stealing time, anyone walking away from their setup for 15-30 minutes every hour is obviously stealing time.

    And it's not good being a union employee? I was making 23/hr after 6 years with the company, with little to no responsibility or accountability required.. How's your PT sup pay rate compare? Get the days off you need? Vacations when you want them? Job protection? Good Benefits that remain the same cost throughout the years?

    All the PT sups I know barely scrape by with their pay, benefits hike up often and no reason (they all complain), never get approved for days/weeks they want....the beat goes on. Honestly, I have never met a PT supervisor that was satisfied with their job. That says something right there.
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    Why do you feel you need to pick up their slack? UPS is under agreement with the union that supervisors are only allowed to work in few select situations. If your management tells you to pick up your workers slack then that is a violation of the contract and in that case if I were you I would stand up for myself and refuse to do it, or file a complaint afterwards. I would definately stand up for my supervisor if he stopped handling packages and his numbers suffered and management got upset. If you stop working and your workers are not able to do the job then that means 1 of 2 things. Either your workers just arent capable of doing the type of work, or they simply have too much work. If they just arent capable of doing the work then bring that up with management. A serious one on one talk during down time is underrated I think. If your workers simply have too much work then either let them file grievances for unsafe work conditions or do the serious one on one talk with management with your workers with you in the conversation. Your manager would have to be a complete a**hole to not offer some solutions to the issue with you and your workers present. Just giving up and deciding to work so things can get done will never fix the problem and I can guarantee you right now the problem will NEVER go away because your workers will get more and more use to you working that they will just expect that more and more of "their" work will get taken care of by you. It doesnt show much self respect when your willing to break the contract and give in to your workers laziness just to keep your job or meet your expected numbers.
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    yea i kind of agree with you all except .. making 23/hr ? being in the company for 6 yrs lol i dont know about all that buddy.. so u mean to tell me every yr you got atleast $2.6 increase on your rate? hard to believe.. but anyways. About you saying you lift a newspaper more then you lift a package.. well theres something called an ojs. and having the requirement for the type of sort your in. if your not going at the rate your suppose to go/ then we hold you accountable for performing at the best pph demonstrated. Meaning Discipline could take place if you go anywhere below your best demonstrated pph and if for any reason your way below or no where near the rate your suppose to go. Then its conclusion that your just not suitable for the job =]. unfortunately no ones supervising you. And yea i have some real issues with my group. i deal with alot of full timers.. but its ok. everything is documented =]
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    oh about this comment being made "
    If a FT supervisor screams at you, you take it like a peasant and keep your mouth shut." I do stand up for myself so theres no need for anyone whether its full time sup.. managers.. Division managers or DM even Region managers ... no one screams at me without me putting you in ur place. UNless im completely wrong about the situation i'll take the constructive feedback.But ill make it clear that coming out of character wont be tolerated by me. And believe me theres something that can be done about that.. so thats all to it.
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    You said it in another post, a fair day's work for a fair day's pay. Tell the slackers that. Work as directed, that is what they should be doing.
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    I like this guy's style. It's supervisors like that got me over $8000 in grievance pay for supervisor's working last year. Keep up the good work!
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    there is no language in the contract thats supports what you have just said,there is no production language in the contract that says you have to load x amount every hour.fair days work for a fair days pay is all thats in the contract,you do know we have a contract to follow dont you,or are you just eating whatever crap your f/t sup/ manager feeds you.
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    you know i almost started to sympathize with you untill you started bashing union employees.you make some good points,but like all the p/t sups you think you know everything about ups and you dont know s***.From your post i can tell you have not been at ups very long and are still trying to figure the whole thing out,and thats ok.how can someone who doesnt know how to do the damb job their self tell someone else how to do it,you think when they put that pollo ups shirt on you it some how gave you instant knowlege of how to run this place or what,now i will eagerly await your reply where you tell me that you have been at ups for so long and have seen hundreds of union guys like me and you could do my job way better than me.
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    i dont need sympathy from you. and of course i dont know everything which is why im even posting this thread to being with. But honestly.. if im getting paid to do something why not do it? and you can go by the contract all you want but then again whats the point of an OJS? just to keep track of how fast you can go or how slow you can do your job? i dont think so. i dont plan to be a p/t sup for very long anyway knowledge is power .. i rather go up the ladder instead of doing the same thing for yrs and yrs to come. and dont get me wrong.. im not saying that all union employees are like that.. i have employees that do a great exceptional job and i do recognize them ...forget about giving them ups shirts. i go out my way to make sure i get them something they'll really like. i mean i like to look forward to a goal to accomplish. but apparently some just really dont care.. they come in and out without wanting to proceed to the next level or step up to the next challenge..thats understandable because it is what it is. lol and this guy making 8,000 in grievance.. yea thanks ill keep up the good work as long as you keep stealing companies time which eventually when i get a few weeks documentation log of you using excessive personal time. then we can sit down and disgust how you will perform at an acceptable level and maintain a steady work pace. and dont worry ill give you "UP-TO" 10 mins relief brake =]
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    jace1319, listen to the way people talk to you on here. Let it make you mad. Take it back to whatever operation you are from and release that anger on your employees. You will find out over time that the people on BC are full of BS. Each and every one of them answer to a management person and they aren't as cocky as they are on here. Like the guy named crowbar that claims he got $8000 in grievance pay.. It is not true... A make believe story. Don't go to blows on here, it's not worth it.... As far as people filing grievances on you. You need to take control of your situation. The next person that files a grievance on you, needs to be OJS, from the time they start until the time they leave... Everyday... I bet you will find them doing enough wrong to face discipline... Make it not in someone's best interest to file grievances.... Your job requires you to do many things that could get under someone's skin... SO get under peoples skin...
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    Our lead bldg steward took in tens of thousands last year in grievance money.

    I made 23/hr after 6.5 years on the job. $24.44 as of Aug 1st

    Look, you can't discipline someone for performance pph unless they are willing victim. Very few are willing victims.

    What I was saying is that whether I do 10 packages an hour or 10,000, you have nothing on me or anyone else. You can harrass and document everything else to build your case, but pph is not one that you really should be worried about if you want someone out the door.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    See what I mean Jace... This guys doesn't have a clue, but he thinks he does. A very easy target if need be... It has nothing to do with being willing Jace it's all about what they leave themself open for... The only people that took tens of thousands last year were comp claim buyouts....
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    lol thanks for the heads up UPSSOCKS. Yea you got a point there. i think the reason some employees think their untouchable is because no one has step up to the plate to challenge them. But unfortunately to everything has an end. Im patiently documenting until i can build my case and its on. Bringing a shop steward everyday if i have to until some people learn how to do their jobs properly. Some ppl are really ungrateful especially in this bad economy. How many people would love to work right now? meanwhile we have people that take their jobs for granted.. smh
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    Believe what you want, deep down we know how you really feel. If you were the genius you claim one of your five marriages might have worked out for ya and you'd be retired instead of miserable. Oops is that allowed? :peaceful:
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    Don't let him get your dander up sleeve. He's still in training. :peaceful:
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    I'm not upset or anything. Just giving this kid an unfiltered reality check.

    What he/she doesn't realize is that everyone is different. We are all individuals with different personalities, work pace, idiosynracies, etc etc. IF they understood this, then you could chop off half of the initial post!

    As far as PPH and production - You cannot force someone to work faster. You can give them initiative, you can lie to them, you can support them, you can HELP them. But you cannot make them.

    Some of these employees have been breaking their backs for this co for 30 years. Yet a 20 year old kid wants to expect them to work as fast as they did before that sup was born. That is the sign of a fresh red polo. Wait till that red fades a bit..
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    i really dont know why i sit here and read the comments you old timers have to say. When you first apply to that particular job.. Dont they give you in specific details of what the job requires??? I mean honestly why do you come to ups for?.. to talk **** and walk around like you own the place? and babble about how much you hate management and criticize their every move? i get the vibe that you seem like im slaving employees. Which is not the case at all. I give you the freedom you want just do your job. Now think about it. You been in the company for 20+ yrs ( which is great you been in the long run ) so your very old enough to know what needs to be done.. Now why should i bother to go look for you when your not in the area or let you know to go back to work when u talking for 20 mins and the belt is backed up? The only thing you should hear from me is how you did a good job whether your in the company all your life thats fine. people come and go. And if your feeling too old to do the job we can always find something more suitable for you in which you can fit the right category based on you limitations. But then again they wouldn't want to be moved so they pull out the seniority card. I try to touch base with you on employees breaking their back for the company etc. I understand because i didnt come into ups as a sup. I started as a loader.. and i worked my asss off. doing 3 trailers and more then 2500 scans a day. no misloads the pph off the roof all for a paycheck of $110. a week. Alot of you have very bad perception about sups. And i agree that at times some employees are treated unfairly. But not everyone is the same as you said. I do recognize my employees if i see they put effort in it. But i mean it is what it is. you cant change who i am and i cant change who you are but i can change the way things run in my operation and ill do whatever it takes to make sure that the goals are accomplished. and dillweed. im not in training anymore =]