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    New poster. Been working at express a while but I have no idea how ground operates so more or less looking for some info on my brothers behalf. My brother owns a small business and has an account with ground. He has shipped under this account once and they lost his package and has quit letting the ground guy pick up and he just brings it into the express station like he used to do. he was promised software and hardware to print Astra lables but never got anywhere with his rep. Since he canceled his account he continues to get larger and larger bills. He called today about his case and they told him the driver told them he was picking up 20-25 pckgs a day even though the driver has only ever picked up one outbound package from him that was in turn lost. He called me today and all I could tell him ground is a whole other monster than express but it sounds like serious falsification. I'm not sure what info any of you could provide maybe just a rant for my first post. Anyway long time lurker your threads have been informative and well interesting so thanks. I may be posting a lot since I have an account now. Sorry if this all looks jumbled but I'm on a new tablet and auto correct on this thing is stupid.
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    It sounds like there was an error somewhere. He needs to get in touch with the sales manager at the FedEx Ground station and figure it out.
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    What the driver says doesn't really matter. All they have to do is pull the account and see what packages have been shipped. He doesn't get billed for anything until a package has been scanned at the terminal/hub (shipper number is part of the barcode).

    Why would he be getting any bills? That doesn't make sense unless he set up a daily pickup. Which would be a fixed rate.

    Fedex won't give him a printer unless he is shipping enough volume. Since he has shipped only 1 box why would they set him up? How many daily packages does he want to ship? If his business isn't large enough a sales rep won't waste their time. He would be going through inside sales.

    Something doesn't add up.
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    He may up a daily pick up and then canceled it. He is still getting weekly bills which have increased. I asked him if he as getting another printer because he already has one through ups and he said that's what he was told. I have no idea the limit of outbound packages he has or even what it takes for FedEx to give you one. I was just curious on what yalls opinion on the situation would be.
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    Fully agree with what he said.
    I highly doubt the driver would say he is picking up 20+ since most drivers would rather not have a zero package pickup on a daily schedule anyways. Regardless what the driver claims in volume has no bearing on anything.
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    This reads like a Ground management email.

    I'm gonna go ahead and call :bsbullf:
    that you work at Express.

    It has been a while though, maybe you are legit and Express is just that :censored3: up now.
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    If you work at Express then you already know that Ground and Express share the same sales force. They are easy to get a hold of and difficult to get answers from.