Yellow Freight and the Teamsters

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Billy, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Billy

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    Yellow just called an emergency meeting with the Teamsters asking for a relief from the contracted wages ( of a new contract mind you ) and was granted it. Yellow drivers are now taking a pay cut so that they can stay employed. I wonder why you pay dues to a union that has stopped fighting for it's members only to insure their senior agents will have a fat retirement. Yellow is the Teamsters second biggest contract and they didn't even fight. I pray that if the day ever came that they would at least make an effort for us at UPS.

    [ the info was given to me from my friend who is employed at Yellow ]

    I have also noticed that our BA doesn't answer the phone, or come to our building unless there's a hearing. Even then it's in and out. There use to be interaction and a good feeling of union presence at our building. Now we have trouble getting grievance forms. Management now seems to do whatever they choose without any worries of the union. Has the Teamsters lost their footing? Should we be concerned with them?

    Is this type of thing happening everywhere?
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    You can read more about this at the following link:

    While no one likes to see wage concessions, these appear to be across the board, to include union and non-union employees and management.
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    I understand your frustration but Yellow (YRC) is on the verge of bankruptcy with no cash reserves. The business reality is that employees take a 10% pay cut or the company goes under. Good chance that may happen anyway.

    Shares of YRC rose 51 cents, or 12 percent, to close Wednesday at $4.84. The stock has plunged from 52-week high of $22.52, falling as low as $1.20 in recent weeks.
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    I'm all for wage consessions if it keeps the company from going under
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    If you read the article posted by UPstate you'll see that even the senior agents are taking a pay cut as well. The thing about the deal is that its just one more thing to make all the Yellow drivers out there even more bitter. I noticed that they, and some other Teamster trucking companies, started acting a little indifferent towards UPS every since UPS bought out of Central States. This pay cut will make them even more unpleasant to be around at the docks.
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    Unless yrc turns around and quickly, they wont be at the docks delivering or picking up, it will be ups freight! Soon it will be a ups ran world!
  7. rod

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    The Wal-mart of the shipping world----now there's a scary thought:peaceful:
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    I appreciate the article, and your thoughts. That was a lot more information than my friend had. How about the Union's support in your buildings?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Union support in what regard? We are business as usual here.
  10. cachsux

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    We have stewards around the clock and see our BA on an almost daily basis.
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    What a lot of us wouldn't give to have that again. Since the last election we have been pretty much on our own. I hope they soon realize the damage they're doing to their futures come next election. We are in a weird spot for them geographically. We are in Virginia ( a right to work state that is not forced to join a union ) bordering Washington D.C. and Maryland who are forced in. I wonder if more of their attention is focused there. I was just wondering if any other areas were dealing with this same type of...well, abandonment.
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    I don't even know if we have a BA.....or even a union. Haven't EVER seen anybody from the hall at our shop.
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    im glad i got out of roadway express......thats a mess

    i have heard that they are losing $5 an hour......thats pretty MAJOR when u think about it.....and alot of them are getting there shifts moved around

    roadway seemed to be a much better ran terminal when i was there compared to ups freight, but i had to get out, the business is going under