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    I've recently been thinking about this potentially ground-breaking idea in service.
    Here's the scenario.......
    A factory has a critical piece of equipment go down and doesn't have the part on hand to fix it. They immediately order the part from the supplier and request "Yesterday Air". The part is then picked up by UPS and taken to a location whereupon it is sent out into space at the speed of light. It is then returned at twice (2x) the speed of light, theoretically arriving before its' departure (of course, distances would have to be determined to effect the correct results). Then it is expedited to the factory location. Back at the factory: immediately after placing the order, they go to receiving where the part is sitting there ready to make the repair.
    Advertising campaigns with the message...."You needed it yesterday?.....We can do it!"
    Whichever company conquers this service level will surely take the lead in the shipping industry. I think UPS is poised to take the lead in this area. After all, with the recent success in the design and implementation of the PAS/EDD system.........................................................nevermind...............
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    JustTired, you will be a very rich man when you figure out how to do this. Just think about the possible applications.....

    You're with your honey, opening that bottle of wine. You drop it, and it smashes against the floor.
    Use "Yesterday Air"! Send yourself another bottle, and you'll already have it when this one breaks!

    You're at the casino. You blew too much money. You have no more on hand. Those big security guys are on the way... Wait! Use "Yesterday Air" to send yourself more money!

    Ohhhh, you're gonna make billions with this idea!
  3. ORLY!?!

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    Blast a space craft into space, about 30 minutes worth of time.

    Then have many seeds spilt off of that into all directions coasting the autmospehere, skiming along and gaining speed for re-entry. Parachute UPS personal into area locations nearby and have a driver waiting to pick up and deliver.

    I smell a new position for ex-astronauts.

    surprisingly, it could work in todays time. But are places of buisness willing to pay for this cod? :smart:
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    Unfortunately you already have to take out a small loan to use NDA so I can't imagine what this service would cost.
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    This service was featured in a SNL skit many years ago.

    The funniest part of the skit was when a man came up to the shipping counter and said something to the effect of:

    "I need to get these pills to my girlfriend yesterday" :wink2:
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    There was also another SNL shipping skit where the shipping company would take the blame if you sent something too late.

    You would take a package to them and tell them when it was supposed to be shipped and arrive. They would then "weather" the package with bent corners, tire tracks, and foreign customs stickers to make it appear as though you shipped it on time and it was hopelessly misrouted.

    The service provider would then deliver the package to the consignee with an explanation and an apology.

  7. Does it have to slingshot around the sun at Warp 9.9 first?