"You can't cut your way to growth"

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by Limper, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Limper

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    This quote by Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon was said to Washington Post employees, the newspaper
    he acquired recently. I am interested in your opinions as it relates to the current situation at UPS.

    As a driver I haven't been subjected to the cuts, enhancements or other changes (maybe safe driving
    anniversary awards being one) that the "partners" have, which is why I posted here.

    The phrase "shrinking to greatness" originated here. Can growth and cuts be talked about in the same
  2. brownmonster

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    Very simple. People at the bottom spend their money. People at the top stockpile it. Give a guy at the bottom an extra 100 bucks a week it goes into the economy. Give a rich guy an extra 100 bucks a week it goes into his portfolio. Our country is not run by the guy on the bottom.
  3. DS

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    Monster speaks the truth.
    Some corporations put effort into insuring that corporate decisions involving cuts
    are well thought out,and generally do not involve the well being of it's employees.
    Not at ups.They must sit around a table drinking expensive bourbon and try to decide
    how to get richer.In my opinion,raising rates to customers is a bad move.
    Improve morale and increase production.
    ​Quality wins over quantity every time,
  4. Gumby

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    what company do you work for?????. That will never happen at brown! Those days are long over!
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    "Can growth and cuts be talked about in the same ​conversation?????" My man. I guess your wife handles the checkbook. You should stay away from things you do not understand. Economics 101 is not one of your strong points. To keep you on the payroll, UPS MUST find ways to make a profit. That profit helps to pay your salary. Have your wife show you what needs to happen to balance a checkbook and still have money left over to pay the bills. You may even be amazed to find out that you have to cut some things like, dinners out, vacations and such just so you can make a mortgage payment.
  6. UnsurePost

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    Are you a corporate executive? Because I don't see the logic in this post. The top of the food chain has been receiving ridiculous compensation, including increases and bonuses, while nearly everyone else in the real world only receives cuts. I could follow your logic given everyone receives cuts across the board.
  7. Limper

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    Hey, "my man", leave my wife out of this. In case you've forgotten, or you just live in :censored2:, UPS is losing market share. So do the math and see what you can cut in 20 years.
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