You dont see UPS doing this!

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    No, we melt down the frame and hand out aluminum bricks for founders day.
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    That would b such a slap in the face if I worked there. Oh wait, if I were an "independent contractor" there.
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    It's all about the $$, nothing more nothing less. If you can write off a million dollar(or whatever amount) aircraft as a donation
    Fred Will.
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    ​he is a business man, not your friend..
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    If UPS could do it, it would. The 727 is a popular training aircraft. Passenger 727 were widely flown until the mid-2000s, and the plane is still popular among freight carriers. Meanwhile, UPS is paying storage fees on aircraft it retired during the downturn -- DC-8 and classic 747. Passenger DC-8 flights pretty much ended in the 1980s (and nearly all remaining freighters were retired with fuel stored) -- because of this, it's seen as an old aircraft and nobody wants them. And the 747 is just too huge to be a training aircraft most places.
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    Do you know where they are mothballed?
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    In Hoax's backyard.
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    Nearly all of the aircraft UPS retired during the downturn ended up in Roswell:
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    Can you imagine being in high school and working on an actual 727?
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    That's called a "win-win" in my book and I do wonder why UPS wouldn't do the same thing.
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    Hard to believe Fred would leave himself open to any liability, why wouldn't UPS take the same precautions?
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    The value of a 727, DC-8 or classic 747 is less than that of a typical suburban house. Given the storage fees UPS is paying on its retired aircraft, I'd imagine it'd donate the aircraft if it could. I suspect the biggest problem is that nobody wants them. The DC-8 is truly a vintage jet (mostly out of passenger service by the 1980s) and the stretch versions that UPS operated aren't exactly small, either -- comparable in size to the 757-300, which United and Delta operate on their highest capacity routes. Hard to give something away when nobody wants them, especially with many classic 737 up for grabs.