You go, UPS

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    NEW YORK ( -- President Obama said Wednesday that a meeting with 20 CEOs will help "find new ways to spur hiring, put Americans back to work and move our economy forward."

    Obama was meeting with some of the most prominent U.S. corporate leaders for a discussion covering such issues as trade, clean energy, the deficit and tax code reform....
    Rounding out the list are:

    Scott Davis, UPS (UPS, Fortune 500)...
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    I hope something really good comes of this.
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    This sentence in the article shows the flaw in the concept of hiring employees before the product manufactured has a demand.
    If companies were to start using that cash to increase the pace of hiring, the unemployment rate might decline. Duh???
    My analogy,
    based on the way I do not run my household finances.
    Hey honey, we have $10,000 in our checking account. Let's put it as a down payment on a $100,000.00 Ferrari.
    We can't afford the payment, much less the gasoline and insurance, but we will look good and it
    might be worth the cost when we have to sell it.

    In my world,
    demand always comes before supply.
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    Sheesh. When I posted the link this afternoon, it was talking about the meeting in the future tense. Has been since updated. Was a much better article before. Dreams > reality. C'est la vie?

    Still proud that my company could help out.

    Ew. I don't think those companies will really use their "cash on the sidelines". They'll just make more cuts. Two-tiered pay system coming up.
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    I, for one, think you'd look great in a bright yellow ferrari. I was next to one at a light Mini looked pretty good....purple next to yellow.
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    Video clip of Greg Brown, CEO Motorola, he said the meeting was very constructive. Seems hopeful and even enthused.
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    He is in Corporate management - no integrity and dishonest.
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    Probably authorizes his employees to use EC for no reason....
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    It is better to look marvelous than feel marvelous.
    That was me.
    You looked marvelous, simply marvelous.
    The light picked up the purple and reflected in your eyes that gorgeous lavender shade that made Elizabeth Taylor famous.
    Your smile shone like the full moon reflecting on water.
    I was in awe, the light changed, a horn honked and you drove away.
    The scar you left in my heart is a shelf that I keep that sweet memory upon.

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    Sat did you get a heart transplant?
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    You are totally full of...................................the Christmas Spirit and
    I am blushing!!
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    Didn't realize you knew him personally.
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    You need to quit reading those romance novels, they are warping your brain.
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    OK, Sat.....I had to tell you that today I was right next to a lilac colored Lamborghini. I didn't know they made it in that color. Maybe it was a special order. Easter color purple!! :wink2: