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  1. hoser

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    UPS. Celebrating 100 Years of Service.

    the video from January made me LAUGH. HARDER than any FedEx ad.

    -explaining the technology of UPS in the 1960s, showing punch-card and tape-drive super computers that hold less memory and have less capability than the $99 graphing calculator your 14 year old child has for his math class today IS funny
    -showing the employee getting sized up for his uniform IS funny
    -the parcelman looking in the mirror at himself in his uniform with the most shi- eating smiling i've ever seen IS funny
    -never explaining whether or not the type-its were shipped through UPS or whether or not they actually got there was somewhat funny
    - the military general looking manager saying "if you do what i told you" and "i'm going back to bed" at his PCM and all his employees about to start their fifth 14 hour day in a row just laughing at that sh-tfaced remark is the most funny one. by far

    and hey, we have that same package car in our centre!

    So there people. There is your funny. I hope you're all happy.
  2. rod

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    Those were really nice pkg cars to deliver out of. They had a Big shelf up front where you could line up about 10 stops in a row. The drivers seat flipped forward (no seat belts for many years) so you could carry pkgs out either door. But like UPS has always been- even in those days you could never do good enough.
  3. moreluck

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    The first delivery that the driver made to a residence......did you see the "big hair" on the lady that came to the door? Looked like she was heading out to American Bandstand.
  4. sendagain

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    We had a 1957 package car in my center when I first went driving. Somebody installed a new muffler with the seam facing up at the plywood floor in the back. During the day, the muffler blew at the seam, and the hot air driving in that evening set the floor on fire. I drove it into the hub with it smoking; I always brought em back in when I could. The mechanic looks under the truck and says, "It's on fire." I smoked up the whole hub that night. We lost a few packages, but got the fire out.
  5. hoser

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    did the tape-drive super computer help trace those packages? :lol::lol::lol:
  6. browniehound

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    AHHH:) . What a simple job in such simple times. If only America could take a snaphot of itself in the late 50's, early 60's and exist that way forever. I believe that was truly the greatest and most promising time of our country.

    Its too bad. Now we have to deal with global warming, terrorism, rougue nations possesing nukes, pottery barn, PAS, unfair time studies, and a publicly traded UPS, just to name a few negatives of our day. Man, I'm really scared for our children and grandchildren. Any thought?
  7. satellitedriver

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    I agree, somewhat. The 50's and 60's were great and the future held promise. I got to see President Kennedy and ride my bike to the first grade, even though it was a mile away. Hear the sound of the icecream truck a block away with just enough time to rob the piggy bank or beg a nickle off my mother. Saturday matinee movies only cost 15 cents, Cokes were 5 cents and candy bars were a nickle also. But,
    It was also the time that I learned the sound of the warning bells in school for nuclear attack from Cuba. Get in the hall, on your knees face the wall and cover the back of your neck. In Houston. Texas we were in the zone of attack. It was also the time I lost a president to assasination and his brother the same way and lost MLK and almost lost my brother in VietNam.
    Snapshots are just that. One moment frozen. Are you the same as you were 10 years ago?
    Global Warming is just a force of nature repeating itself.
    To fear the future is to fear life.
    The pissant stuff about UPS.
    Well to me it is just a job.
  8. hoser

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    I blame suburbanization. The 50s had a diverging path between vibrant cities (difficult) or the cheap easy solution of cookie cutter houses planted in suburbs. This was the downfall of American society. The way people lived, socialized, existed had changed forever, and for the worse, regrettably. But the USA is still one of the best damn countries in the world, despite these disappointing changes.

    The 'fear' that you mention at the very end is exactly what's wrong with American society, too. In the 50s, there'd be massive flying foxes in playgrounds, but in the 90s they were taken out due to 'safety reasons'. Regular old playgrounds were changed to these erganomic and ultra-safe playpens where no kid could get hurt. Kids could ride their bikes to school, but now that's unsafe, they should be taken to school in an SUV because that's better for their health (and now we have obsiesty :w00t:) This obsession with safety and media hype is brutal, and I hope that the US doesn't beomc as bad as the UK. But I have confidence that, unlike the British, Americans can stand up to people telling them what to do.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Yeah. that lady with that crazy "beehive". Where can we get one of those cool hats, I knew something was missing about our uni's.i
  10. rod

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    I still have one along with a couple of clip on bow ties