Your hell day at UPS

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    Everyone's had'em, so lets hear.

    Mine was actually today (shocking).

    Arrived at EXACTLY 0845 and told I was late (I guess they were :censored2: I wasn't working for free before?). We were told we had more volume then usual. Ok, not a big deal.

    I go to my truck and...oh crap, it's not my 1000 it's a 800 and ONLY enough room squish my feet by or maybe hop on one foot, through my aisle? Oh well, lots of volume so can get it off fast. I also can't load anymore into the damn truck that's sitting behind my truck. Off I go! Zip, zoom, zowie!

    My first stop (bulk stop, around 40 boxes which, later at the airmeet I receive another 13 from them, horay!) I hop out, go to the dock get it open and go to open my back door...hmm...I said OPEN my back door...what the? Oh crap, my key isn't the one for this lock. So, into the 800 I climb (I forgot my harness and rope in my mountain climbing bag, damn!) and start Godzillaing everything (crunch crunch crunch, die boxes, die!). So, you guessed it, the rest of the day, stomping boxes.

    I go to the airmeet (after I throw out some *******piss bottle, thanks ********...Although it was ironic because it was done in a lemonade bottle so that made me laugh), I also call my sup and inform him I'm around 10 stops down from what my usual count is by this time and I NEED help (no help comes BTW and he claims I never asked for help, shocking). I DO manage to squeeze in the stuff from the meet though. I also told the sup I was going to have late air from running all this stupid bulk so that I could get MORE stupid bulk on my truck (which he also denies).

    Off I go again! By noon I have 8 late pieces of nooners...oh well, doesn't surprise me. I get to my mall...oh, yeah, not my truck, no cart. Oh well, lets handbalm around 20 boxes through the mall! HORAY!

    By 1230 I notice my gas gauge IS working properly and Mr Piss Bottle didn't fill up his tank. The nearest propane stop? Oh, about 15 klicks out of my area. Call up Mr Sup again and ask permission to go get fuel out of my area. I was approved for this and he won't deny it! So, that kills about 30-45min (I did get the last laugh on this driver though. We were told by management to hand in our gas cards. Guess who hadn't? Guess who's going to be shocked next time he's almost out of fuel and can't find his gas card?)

    Oh, time for pickups...hmm, still pretty full. Get a call from Mr Sup regarding a PU I tried to get my air driver to do. The thing was about 4ft by 4 ft and on a skid! It would have taken up my whole back end! Anyways, sup tells me it won't fit in air drivers car because he has a crappy van. Ok, I'll have to pick that up later too. I ask my sup what he'd rather I miss? PU's or stops? He says niether since I shouldn't. I tell'em that I will be but will try my best not to. My second plead for help to him, which he denies.

    I start my pickups in an already crowded 800. I'm delivering and picking up at the same time like many others out there. I realize I have to get to that stupid mega box on a skid pickup by 1630. Break trace in pickups and fly down to the other end of my area. The customer says, 'oh, it seemed to be a bother so we cancelled and are just going to send it freight'. Good because it was a pain in the arse bad because I didn't know and wasted my time. So, fly back to the other end of my area and continue the insanity.

    I did get all the PU's done but managed to get screwed with 25 pkgs missed for businesses (oops). I then start to do my rezies. This part was the last kick in the groin. About 2 stops into my rezies (only around 15 or so onboard) I get a screw in my tire and can hear it leaking. So, need to work my arse off to get all the rezies off before it goes flat and I'm stuck out there until management decides to send a rescue (or maybe they'd just have me sleep there and continue delivering in the morning?).

    I'm SURE I'll hear about it all tommorow in a lovely meeting. Maybe I'll get a day or two suspension out of it which I can grieve. I do think I'd get backpay for it since I was over 400 pkgs without a freaking backdoor that works in commercial area. I know, 400 isn't much but it feels a lot when you have no access to the back from the outside! :biting:

    So, that's my hell day. Thanks for reading (if you finished it all). So, essentially this is the, 'damnit, UPS isn't fair' thread also :happy-very:
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    Hell Day was the day that I couldn't get my morning nap after the 10:30 committed NDAs were delivered! I was late for my lunch time nap. Then my afternoon was screwed up. I didn't get my afternoon nap at the proper time. It screwed up my internal alarm clock. I didn't sleep well that night. I ended up getting out of bed and posting stupid things on the Brown Cafe.:biting:
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    Only in New England!:happy2:
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    .....Too much information...We have all had hell days...You always feel behind most of the time...My latest day was a peak season in the late nineties..I clocked out at 11:45

    The twilight managers were waiting to unload my truck..The who helped me at 9:00 came in after me...LOL
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    Hell day? After a few years they all sort of run together and it just feels like you're in hell all the time...
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    I feel like I've been a half hour behind for at least a decade.
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    OH no, you guys don't know Alberta.
    25 missed businesses, thats taken seriously.

    He'll have a morning meeting forsure.

    And, thats gonna make another bad day.. just for being in trouble, for nothing he could have done any better.

    Thats life though (at UPS).

    I feel sorry for him, but after a few days all is forgotten. And life goes on.
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    Have you ever heard of a Pre-Trip?
    Talk about self destruction.....
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    They don't give you time for pre-trip, has to be done on your own time, and he just clocked in on time.
    They basically throw you out the building. Even if you need to re-sort, they tell you to do it outside on your fist stop, at minus 30below.

    Besides, I'm sure he meant gas gauge isn't working properly. Nothing he can do there. Has happened before, and will happen again.

    The cart: Thats another story. I left mine behind by mistake because the truck was filled to the roof, only happened once though.
    Other then that.. atleast once or twice per week, drove with the cart inside my cab out the building. Yes. Sups have seen it, but no other place to put it. I tied it up to the passenger flap seat.

    But, your kinda right. He probably didn't have as many truck changes as I have had.
    I made sure I had everything I needed, before I went out, because I have been caught before with no cart, or no gas card, no waybills etc.
    But, thats how we learn. He's a newbie, yet (1 year).
  11. Paid-over-in-Maine

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    Peak Season 2005
    Day 1- My Truck, that's towing TP-60, blows motor on I95 on the way to first stop. Swap truck into a rental w/out bulkhead door at 1st stop. HELL!

    Mechanics put new motor in truck overnight.

    Day 2- Same truck w/ TP-60 on I95 looses all power! Wiring harness burnt through! Had to pull over on I95 and swap loads AGAIN, this time on the side of highway!
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    I shelled an engine on a hot day in August a few years ago, and waited in a desolate rural highway ditch for four hours in 102 degree sun for the wrecker to bring me another package car. I ran out of water after a couple hours. Then, I see a P1000 coming toward me, I wave, thinking, help has arrived, and he steams right on by me, waving as he goes. I was so far from the building, the package car was from another center. Guess he thought I was on break. I had to walk quite a distance to a little hill where I had cell phone service, making that trip 3 times to call, is the wrecker coming? Oh, yeah, he should be there any time. About 3 1/2 hours into the wait, the wrecker driver calls the center from a Hooters resturant about 30 miles from me, says he can't find me. Hmmmm...guess he thought he'd check the Hooters first. 4 hours after the breakdown, I'm just shifting the remaining packages in the crap car they bring me. I finish up the day, and on the way back to the building, the accelerator cable breaks on the 2nd package car and it dies. I hitchhike back to the building.
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    My first day of hire, 31 years ago. It's been worse since then. :peaceful:
  14. UnsurePost

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    I'm glad you posted this before I did.

    Question: is it warm if you have never felt cold? Is it rough if there is no smooth?

    If you never have a good day at UPS, how can you judge a bad one?
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    running out of hrs on a snow night and waiting 5 hrs to be picked up. then the supe told us to put chains back on the big rigs which i would not do. then 2 hrs back to building. then 2 more hrs to drive 40 miles to house then 3 hrs shoveling snow to get the car in the garage.

    21 and a half hrs on clock, 3 plus commute and 3 more shovelling before hitting sack.

    i was a zombie.
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    Finish loading a 53' trailer at the end of the day (day sort) and the guy that comes around with the camera telling me my walls need to be better. After feeling good you about to finish up and leave happily..
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  18. dannyboy

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    But they do give you time for pretrip. But then again, there are so many of your ball busters that dont have a clue. You are running scared of the brown boogy man.

    Each day, you have the time built into your day at the beginning to do your pretrip. And a proper pretrip would have made his hell day a lot better.

    Which is another way to say that a lot of really bad days are no ones fault but your own.

    Do the job by the book every day. Do it every time. And you will find that hell days will still be there, just not so many or as bad.

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    The day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas. That will always be the worst hell UPS has to offer.
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    I was going to ditto what Danny just said.
    I think if I can remember from my management days, 8 minutes is in your time study, to pretrip and leave the building. You cannot do it after you leave the building, if there is damage or something wrong, you are not at the building.
    They dont want to give you time? You are the professional and are going to be held responsible. You make the call. You take the time.
    Same with pm time, I think it is 8 minutes. Pretty hard to do that if you have to fuel and drop pkgs at four different locations. You have to do the job as directed as swiftly as you safely can. When you cant you have excess PM time and thats just the way the big brown ball bounces.
    Hell day? Any day Im not on vaca!!