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    To all UPS employees,
    Please follow the below link and place your vote in a straw poll here on Cafe on the APWA and its efforts at UPS.

    Is it time to make a change?

    Potential Teamster rival begins campaign to woo UPS employees
    By Barry B. Burr
    March 5, 2007, 6:01 AM EST

    The Association of Parcel Workers of America kicked off its campaign to replace the Teamsters union as labor representative at United Parcel Service of America Inc. and take control of UPS employees’ share of more than $50 billion assets in Teamster multiemployer pension funds and more than $1 billion in annual UPS contributions.

    The dissident labor group exclusively comprising UPS workers is asking 238,000 workers represented by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Washington, to sign individual petition cards, asking for their authorization for the new APWA organization to represent them in collective bargaining at the company, said Van Skillman, a UPS driver from Greensboro, N.C., and president and co-founder of the new union.........
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    I already voted.
    I joined.
    $150.00 was a small price to pay, compared to the past and future losses due to the teamsters control.
    Thanks, No Spin. You are articulate and well informed. I do not have your skills or knowledge, but I have a belief that APWA would be a great replacement to the teamsters.
    How wonderful it would be if UPS knew it was dealing with a union that had a common goal for the benefit of the worker and the company.
    I am no "PollyAnna" when it comes to UPS. 21 years has taken that glow away.
    An honest, fresh approach to meeting common goals between the company and it's hourly workers is welcomed, by me and the APWA.
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    Thanks Satellite....I agree 100%

    Out of respect for the Cafe..... please post future replies in the poll post within the Labor Relations room. Thanks!
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