Your Peak ??

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by upsdude, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. upsdude

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    Mine has been a bear!

    Last week and this week so far

    Average 11.5 day, 230 stops, 375 pieces, 22 P/U, 53 miles (No Helper!)

    (Normal 8.5 day, 125 stops, 250 pieces 22 P/U, 48 miles, Average 30 DR stops)

    Pre-Load isnt getting us out until 9-905 AM.

    The only work pulled from me this year is one 20 piece bulk stop. In years past Ive lost one neighborhood good for 30 stops leaving me with an average of 175 stops with a 3 hour helper. For some reason helpers arent being used this year. Packages that wont fit in my car are being left in the building and loaded the next day. Some of the Left in Building packages are business stops!

    Guys I love my job and UPS, we have to do better than this!
  2. wvbrown

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    Maybe your manager didn't know xmas was going be to on the 25th of dec. this year. There is no excuse for leaving pkgs. in building at destination. A large % of our customers track their pkg. and the trail going cold at dest. is not good. For every hour of overtime you work we can work a helper 3 and still save money. This is a no brainer.
  3. dannyboy

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    Kinda like my day? 212 stops, 640 pkgs, 26 P/U's with 280 packages with 128 miles. But at 10:30 as I was driving home, there was a 500 just heading into the center. After 30 years, not much has changed, you just do the best you can. Our unit was hit hard by a lack of drivers. 2 off on disability, one off for wifes surgury, might be back next week. Another one off for birth of son on the 12th, will be back in January. And One more will be off Friday through end of January for his sons surgury. And we only have 16 drivers in our unit. So while they had planed to have two more areas in our unit this Christmas, we just dont have the manpower to do that. Do what you can, keep your head up, and hope the weather holds![​IMG]

  4. upslocal480

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    <font color="0000ff">Sounds like our drivers here. Today was our "peak day" and ALL Air Drivers were on ground routes except for one and he was air exception. He has only been working at UPS just over 2 months. One of the air drivers that went ground today has only been working at UPS like 6 months. The past couple of days our full-time sup had to drive and today our Center Manager (Manager that doesn't actually work in our center but at a Hub 30 minutes away)had to drive. We started out this peak season with 2 helpers but now one is an air exception driver and the other is permanent to fill a position that is about to be vacant after Christmas. Our sorter is on a ground route and I'm on "light duty" with bruised ribs so manning wise we are exactly where we were before peak instead of having extra help. LOL. Things are pretty hectic here but nobody is complaining, MUCH. Tonight we waited about 40 minutes for the last remaining drivers to get in which was around 9:30 which is AFTER our pull time for one of our two trailers that we load. I've been through peak seasons in a hub and this is the second in my center and so far this has been a weaker peak season and definitely the weakest peak day by far. But then again....all I had to do tonight, since it was my first day of "light duty," was stand their with a scanner and scan packages while someone else would sort them for me. I hate being a hurt gimp. Even for peak season.[​IMG]</font>
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    I agree with wvbrown, Christmas is scheduled every year on the 25th of December. This is my 16th Peak Season, but it hasnt been my worst. I remember a few years back, I was entering a Town House complex at 11:00 PM with 50 stops left. I returned to the building at 1:30 AM. I think I would have DRd a 27 TV if I had one! That wasnt my worst Peak though. My worst Peak was 1999, I missed that one due to neck surgery from an on the job injury.
  6. browndude

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    85 stops 207 miles 200 pkgs 7 pickups 175 pkgs normally 60 stops 160 miles 150 pkgs 7 pickups 150 pkgs
  7. vgpa

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    As a helper, yesterday we delivered about 80 or so pkgs. in about 2 1/2 hrs. I worked for 4 hrs. yesterday. Total stops were about 160 but I don't know how many packages were delivered. How do you know how many? From the diad?
  8. johnny_b

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    I am very, very sore.
  9. upslocal480

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    Sore huh? I was on light duty last night and didn't do anything but scan packages and sort some and parked a couple of package cars and my bruised ribs (strained muscles I should say) are killing me. LOL. It's amazing cause you don't realize how much certain muscles are used until you injure them. I am so sore I might not even be able to sort tonight. Can't wash trucks or really do anything usefull as far as packages are concerned. Seems like just about everything requiring ANY movement involves these muscles. I hate being a hurt gimp! LOL. I've never been on light duty before but I already have realized that it's really not lighty duty unless you do ABSOLUTELY nothing at work cause I'm still sore and I barely did anything last night. I'd much rather be healed and be able to work my ass off. Everyone else I work with has already been injured before and I always new my day might come but I wish it hadn't happened this time of year. I'm sure allot of people would love to be basically sitting out like I am but I actually don't like it. I like working and getting excercise. I go to the gym and work out Monday-Friday and run 5 miles a day plus the work at UPS but now I'm getting basically no work out of any kind. I can jog slowly and sit on the cardio bikes. It's supposed to be for a week though so hopefully it's healed by then. It's been real nice weather here this week and perfect for loading and unloading packages. Not too hot nor too cold but of course I'm missing out! LOL
  10. dannyboy

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    Only thing sore here are the knees. After 30 years in all the old cars, like Hon's and 400's, they feel it more than any other part. That extra couple inches compared to the new 1000's really add up!

    YEsterday was peak, but our unit had more packages and stops today than yesterday. And all but one driver worked over 11 hours, and have worked that most of the week.

    As far as delivering till early in the AM, have done that MANY times, once when they cut most of the routes on christmas eve, I was out till 320 am. Center manager and delivery sup were still at building when I got back.

    But you know what, there is a good feeling when it is all over, and in three more days it will. To all that have slaved to keep this country/company going, to make the season bright for out customers, have a goodun! TO you and yours, God's blessings for the new year. May it be all we can handle!

  11. wkmac

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    Alltime record volume for our Preload this morning. Our packages must have thought they were porn stars because they kept coming and coming and coming and..... you get the picture.[​IMG]
  12. archibald

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    Peak is hell, but seeing the look on the customers face when you are there late at night in a severe thunderstorm with thier x-mas, priceless!! have a good holiday everyone, be safe![​IMG]
  13. johnny_b

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    I imagine the look, I have never actually seen it, and it brings a smile to my face.

    I want a UPS elf hat. That would be cool.
  14. upsdude

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    I pointed out the "benefits" of Peak Season to some co-workers this morning..........

    Merry Christmas guys and gals!!
  15. tieguy

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    Good point. All you have to do is see that excited look on a busy day and it really helps pick you up. Thanks for another successfull peak. Happy holidays to the brown army.
  16. rushfan

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    Peak finally hit. Anywhere from 200-220 stops per day. 60-80 miles. I chose not to use a helper. A few years ago we used anyone from hub to preload. They were good. Then we started using temporary help, most of them slowed us down. I worked 54 hours last week. All I did was eat, sleep, and drink UPS last week.

    Last night was the first time I saw the postal service delivering past 7:00 pm.

    I think people under estimated peak this year, as we had less temporary drivers and more volume. Good news for me, and the IRS.

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  17. fr8dog

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    Needed an extra 727 to handle unexpected volume at our facility. Went out fully loaded and on time. Hope it's a good sign. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all.
  18. upsdude

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    What a day!

    Clocked out at 9:10 PM, several drivers were still out. The wonderful intelligent souls in IE decided the centers didnt need any rentals after yesterday. We were slammed and had nothing for 5 temps to drive. By the way, the same IE folks under planned by nearly 5,000 pieces a day during peak. Im sure the IE folks were all home by early afternoon today.

    Management folks will be working Christmas day. Seems that someone in Nashville missed a trailer load of computers headed for the Raleigh Hub. 350 pieces of that load are to arrive in our district in the morning.

    Poll question..

    How many days before the supervisor responsible (for the missed trailer) will be able to sit down without pain??!!
  19. deliver_man

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    Thats insane. Most of the guys in my group were done by 1600, I think we had 1 or 2 who were out past 1800. They did cut out our ryder split routes, we had a couple extra p-5's and that was it.
  20. dannyboy

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    WE had drivers not getting in till 830. And that while others were in by 1-2 PM. Go figure! I hope they do a better jog of hitting the mark at IE next year[​IMG], might be some of those mules yall are talkin about[​IMG]