Your Pet's Personality


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Ever wonder if your pet is unique in some of their actions? I have 2 cats named Jake and Elwood and they are from the same litter, but so different in their personalities. Here's some examples:

Jake is lovalble and loves to nap in my lap for hours
Elwood doesn't want to be held, but will rub against you when he wants to show affection

Jake loves to drink from the kitchen faucet, rather than a bowl
Elwood drinks from his bowl

Jake likes to be lifted up and climbs on your shoulder, rather than using his four paws to get around
Elwood loves to have his belly rubbed and will plop down to let you know

Jake tries to flush the toilet and drinks from the toilet
Elwood drinks from the pond outside when not frozen

Jakes scrapes the door with his paws when he wants to come in from outside
Elwood comes in the door when you call his name

Jake eats food from his bowl
Elwood has to have his food shaken if he can see the bottom of the bowl.

And yes, I am a Blues Brothers Movie fan

Anyone else have a pet with unique behaviors?


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Mocha is a 5 yr. old Toy Manchester Terrier. I call her, Psycho B*tch !!

She is a spinner. She can spin so fast that it makes me dizzy. She can walk forward while spinning and she has smacked the side of her head on a table leg before. Usually the spinning is when she's about to get something she wants......treat, walk, etc.

She's a most terrier types. We do have a special collar for her that eliminates the nuisance barking. It really works !!

We researched this breed prior to getting her. We had miniature schnauzers for 28 yrs. and we didn't want the grooming costs anymore. She has the markings of a doberman (black with brown marks). A Doberman is my favorite dog, but way too big for us. She's the miniature look of a dobie. She is 9 lbs. with very short coat and minimal shedding. After a bath, she's dry like in 2 mins.

Everyone mistakes her for a min-pin, but her breed has a tail and the ears are erect naturally......they were floppy 'til about 3-4 mos. of age.

She is a neat dog with a protective personality.


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i have a golden doodle.(half poodle half golden retriever, all bad idea)

hair gets long and shaggy. greatest dog i have ever had though. rides in my truck with me on the weekends like its his job. great watch dog. awesome with kids. i think sometimes it is smarter than me!! i have taught it upwards of 30 words(sit, newspaper,car, etc nothing too fancy). my wife thinks im crazy because i always talk to it like a human. i keep telling her that one day it will talk back and i will no longer be a truck driver!!


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My last two dogs have been dobys, One decided she wanted me and followed me in the house one day, right after I had been attacked by a large rot/dalmation. I nearly wet myself. I turned around and saw her, screamed, and She walked over to the woodburner and never left.
When she passed on I said never again. Her name was Carrie.
Then I went to 4 humane societies in 4 counties, and then to and found one 2 miles from my house. She is undocked, and not full blood, but has the same characteristics.
They both ruled, and this one likes the woodburner too. We have had to spell in front of them. So smart, and they think they weigh 3 pounds and constantly try to get in your lap, and they are self petting. If you arent petting them, they take their head and move your hand make you pet them. These two gems took away my fear of large dogs. And no Ceasar milan needed here. I can let her out of my vehicle in a 2 foot square, and she doesnt move. Never takes off, dont care if there are other dogs around, she listens immediately. Amazing dogs.


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Unfortunately, due to allergies, I can't have dogs. However, if I can teach one of my cats to get me a beer from the fridge, like I've seen dogs trained to do, well that just make my life complete.


I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. My oldest cat is absolutely anti-social. Hates people, hates to be petted, is afraid of his own shadow. If it's his choice, he will let me scratch him under the chin. When he is in a really good mood he will get up on my lap. The middle one (my avatar) is by far the best cat I have ever had. His name is Richard Cranium (I didn't give him the name) but it fits him. I can call him and he will jump up on my shoulders and stay there as long as I let him. He also loves to play in the water be it sink or bath tub he doesn't care. HE frequently trashes toilet paper and paper towels. He is a lover. My youngest one is a female. She loves to be held, she will sleep in my lap for hours. My dogs are Boxers. Both girls. Full sisters. Great dogs and they think they are lap dogs. Great watch dogs.


We have 2 cats as well.Reggie is what I call overly affectionate.He loves to nuzzle his face againt mine and he (to my dislike) tries no nibble at my whiskers if I don't shave.When you pick him up,he wraps both paws around your neck like a big hug.He likes it when I give him a little piece of a potato chip.
Gypsy,on the other hand,is a long haired fluff muffin that loves to be brushed and she squeeks when she's hungry.She picks up her tail with her paw to clean it.She reacts to any light or shadow with excitement,
and hides all the toy mice under the chair and stares at until we release them.


DS that's funny that your's 'squeaks' when she's hungry. That is why I named my little girl 'squeak'. She really doesn't have a 'meow', it's more squeak than anything. LOL


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Such a joy to hear about your pets. I have to smile at the closeness you all have and how you respect their differinig personalities.

We have two dogs, two cats, houserabbit, geese and an ancient peahen.

Youngest dog was a shelter animal, an australian cattle dog. Oh boy, we didn't know what we were in for. He has gotten us off our rears to play and train him. He craves it and gets destructive without it. So darned smart and silent stealth. Teeth without a brain sometimes.

Jasmine, the older dog seems to have some chow in her but even the vet can't determine what she is. Another shelter dog who is quiet, patient and kind but can kick her brother's butt when need be, even though he's larger than she.

Older cat, mew, is the best we've ever had and has protected his terrain for many years. Now he's old and somewhat frail so we kiss his butt and make sure no intruders pick on him. Shelter cat who was on death row when we got him.

Pouncer is the younger cat who wants to ride on my shoulders. OK in winter when I have heavy coats but hurts like heck in summer with no fabric to sink in claws. Uses my skin and I tolerate it. Loving and sweet but moody and loves to play head games.

Geese were purchased at a swap meet for next to nothing. Pale, sad beaks crammed in a small cage. They have thrived, reproduced many times over and love their little pool in the summer. Trouble free and sturdy we love them. One hatchling was weak and walked over, pooped on by the others, left behind to die. I brought him in and put him on the kitchen table while husband was having his frist cup of coffee. Said "this thing stinks" so his name is stinky and he was raised in the house.

Houserabbit is a hoot. Buns are very subtle creatures and we have to get down close to hear little snufflings, grunts and squeaks. So much personality and love. Last week I had to flip him over in my lap to trim his nails. He hauled off, kicked me in the jaw and took off. I got him the next day and the nails are trimmed. What a stinker!

Peahen. One year told my husband I wanted peacocks for my birthday and he got them! Beautiful but ornery. George, the male has passed on but Martha the hen is going on 20 years now. She is truly a b*tch and killed my favorite chicken. She must be in bird menopause because last year she grew long tail feathers and looks just like a male. We love and respect her for her stamina.

Had a cat when I met my husband and she resented him from day one, even though he was so good to her. She'd leave a poop pile just where she knew he'd step first thing in the morning. I'd always leave a clean skillet on stove for his breakfast before I left for work. One day he got up and found poop in his skillet! Most folks would have killed her for that but he had to laugh at her persistance to run him off.

Keep the critter stories coming, they are so cute! And yes, I mostly prefer the company of animals to humans.

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Our entire family has had Schnauzers. At one time there were nine between us. My wife and I have had five since we have been married. Emma and Izzy are the current crop.

Both are lovers and constantly crave attention. Emma lays on my shoulder at night when we first go to bed. She puts her head right next to mine until I give her her nightly rub for a few minutes and then lays at the foot of the bed. Izzy is only a little over a year old and is very petite. She has more personality than any dog we have ever owned. She has a small stuffed toy (schnauzer) that she carries with her everywhere she goes. When I come home at night and let them outside to do their business, she will go out and then run back in the house to get her "baby" and take it outside too. She always knows where it is. Izzy is very cold natured and will flip the bed cover up with her nose and crawl under the covers.


My cats were already established in our house when I got 2 boxer puppies. The "girls" were trained from an early age (not by me) that the cats rule the house. A few weeks ago I had a friend of mine take the girls for the afternoon so my husband could get some sleep (have since purchased bark collars). I was out on route that day and got a phone call from my friend. She was laughing so hard I couldn't understand what she was saying. After she quit laughing she told me the following, she had taken the girls to her apartment and of course she let them come in the house. The girls being naturally nosy had to go investigate. They had been there before but it had been awhile. Now my friend has a siamese cat, Marco. Marco being a typical siamese, full of P & V, followed the girls thru the house. he followed them to the kitchen and my girls found themselves blocked in the kitchen by a 10 lb cat. My girls are about 50 and 60 lbs. Marco wouldn't move from the kitchen door and my girls wouldn't come out of the kitchen. My friend had to actually pick up Marco and move him from the doorway before the girls would come out of the kitchen. I was laughing so hard just picturing this. I chuckled about it all afternoon. Aren't animals funny.