Your UPS deliveries may soon arrive in electric trucks

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    Your UPS deliveries may soon arrive in electric trucks - Fast Company

    Through its multiple partnerships with EV startups, the company is precipitating a sustainable transformation in the delivery industry.

    A new UPS truck now rolling around the streets of London looks like an ordinary delivery vehicle. But at night, the truck plugs into a new smart grid at the company’s hub in the center of the city, where it pulls in enough charge to drive up to 150 miles the next day.

    The smart grid and the battery infrastructure inside the truck are made by the U.K.-based startup Arrival. They will soon fully debut in a pilot fleet of custom trucks equipped with other features, including a wraparound front window that makes it easier for a driver to see other vehicles and pedestrians. This pilot is just one piece of UPS’ larger experimentation with electric vehicles.
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    150 miles, lol
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    How many truck swaps will that entail?