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    I work part time at a hub in Ohio...I am a week 1/2 away from going to Integrad after waiting 12 years for a chance. On Thursday I was called into the office and was asked if I was aware of UPS' zero tolerance on sexual harassment policy. I was then told that someone filed on me for giving a "friend" a hug. This friend and I have always been comfortable taking breaks together and talking at work. There was never anything uncomfortable and neither one of us said anything to that nature. It was somebody else that got them to blab to management about me. I gave my statement to the security guy and union steward. Other people have come forward on my side and explained that I am a stand up guy and have never done anything wrong to anybody. This coming week the Teamster big wigs are going to a conference in Florida while my job hangs in the balance. For now I am terminated and awaiting trial. Why does the word of a proven liar (the one that told) trump my character and make me lose out on a chance to provide for my family? Has anybody had any situations like this and got their job back? I've been told not to worry but it's hard not to when I am the one not being able to work :dissapointed:
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    I'm trying to figure out why "friend" was in quotation marks?
    I guess it's better than "hug" being in quotation marks?
    Now I'm wondering why "stand up guy" wasn't?
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    Tell them you're gay.
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    because gay admission would make him bullet proof?
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    From female sexual harassment but then you can't hug your guy friends :happy-very:
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    Why are you hugging someone who doesn't want to be hugged by you? Even if it's not sexual harassment it's a little weird, especially at work.
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    now i'm a little concerned about the screen name
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    We had a driver who spoke unprofrofessionally to a gay female preloader last year who was fired for a couple of weeks..I think you will get your job back..Take advantage of time off to see what other opportunities you might have outsside of UPS just in case though...Good luck and no more hugs in the building..
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    We have an employee that likes to play the harassment card from time to time, it's best to keep your distance from everyone with people like that around.
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    I would be planning such payback as the world has never seen...
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    Just keep telling UPS that it wasn't meant in a sexual way and you will never hug anyone again (and mean it). Offer to apologize (and mean it).

    Quit being so dense - your "friend" was probably the person who said something because you made her uncomfortable. Most women are not assertive and will not tell you to your face that you crossed the line.
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    What is the grounds for this complaint?

    I can not draw this from your post?

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    a 2 minute hug with 1 leg hooked around my backside would make me (uncomfortable); especially if it was a guy
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    oh crap,

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    How do you know if you never tried it....
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    Is she hot??
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    Ms Pacman gives the soundest advice and it is good for people that are loud and obnoxious (me) and frequently politically incorrect (me again) to read posts like hers as a reminder that people do not have to tolerate my BS. They could make my life very miserable. Thanks for posting that.

    407, though nailed it. A photo would definitely help us tell you how your panel will go.

    Without a photo, I would imagine that you will get your job back, but you will be gone for a month and someone else will get your driving slot.
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    But did someone else file sexual harassment or was it the "friend" who you hugged? It's probably a 3 way love triangle (which I'm a fan of as long as its girl on girl on me). What was the grounds of the firing? I called into the office about 15 years ago to question a non sexual harassment issue. Come to find out, my best female friend's boss called on me because we would joke and laugh when I delivered there. He hit on her in the past. Long story short, he was jealous of us. He thought I was hitting on her. He called up on me but apparently you can't claim harassment for someone else.
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    My guess is that whomever turned in the complaint against you is next on the seniority list to go to Integrad.
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    They'd be next on my list too....