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Big data sparks cultural changes – Financial Times

It only takes a quick internet search of the terms “UPS” and “telematics” to understand why the promised benefits of big data are likely to take longer to arrive than many have been led to believe.

Five years after it started installing sensors to monitor its vehicles and using GPS to track their movements, UPS launched one of its most ambitious technology projects: a system capable of handling the massively complex task of optimising the routes taken by its tens of thousands of drivers. No matter how impressive the technology, it is only as good as the people who use it.

“For the first time in their 100-year history, they can make real-time routing decisions about picking something up and dropping it off,” says Tom Davenport, a US management expert and author, most recently, of Big Data at Work. He adds: “It takes a lot of autonomy out of the job [for drivers]. UPS people say that change management is the biggest issue.”

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UPS Opens Expansion of its European Air Hub at Cologne Bonn Airport

$200 Million Investment in Leading-Edge European Logistics Center Poised for Further Trade and Export Growth, Ensures Continued Reliability and Capacity for Businesses of Any Size

UPS (NYSE: UPS) has celebrated the official opening of a $200 million expansion of its European air hub facilities at Cologne/Bonn Airport in Germany that will continue to serve as Europe’s window into the world of international trade and export. The expansion, which took two years to construct and has already created an additional 200 jobs, constitutes one of UPS’s largest facility investments in the company’s history and cements its position as the largest employer at the airport with more than 2,500 employees today.

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UPS Employee Helps Elderly Man Get Money Back From Scam – Fox 8 Cleveland

An 84-year-old Eastlake man got back more than $5,000 he sent to someone who scammed him, thanks to an alert UPS employee, police said.

Eastlake Police Detective Ted Kroczak said the scam started with a phone call to the elderly man.

“They’re actually identifying themselves as federal agents,” Kroczak said.

Kroczak said the convincing scammer told the man he was to get more than $500,000, but first he had to pay the 1% tax on it: $5,250 in cash.

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An untied shoelace leads to a worker’s comp claim – Idaho Business Review

The Idaho Supreme Court recently affirmed the Idaho Industrial Commission’s determination that Michael Vawter, a former delivery driver for United Parcel Service (UPS), was entitled to worker’s compensation benefits when he injured his back while tying his boots at work. Based on this case, it may be difficult for an employer to argue that an injury that occurred on the employer’s premises did not arise out of the employee’s employment.

Mr. Vawter worked as a delivery driver for UPS in Cascade. After clocking in on the morning of December 18, 2009, he sat down and bent over to tie his boot laces. While bending over he felt a pop and pain in his lower back. He sought medical treatment and eventually underwent two back surgeries.

Mr. Vawter filed a worker’s compensation complaint with the Idaho Industrial Commission alleging he suffered a low back injury due to an accident that arose out of and in the course of his employment with UPS. UPS denied the claim. The parties agreed that the injury occurred during the course of Mr. Vawter’s employment. However, there was a dispute as to whether the injury arose out of Mr. Vawter’s employment with UPS.

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UPS Fires 250 Drivers For Protesting Termination – Queens Tribune

United Parcel Service drivers who organized a protest against a former colleague’s termination are now being shown the pink slip as well.

Two hundred and fifty UPS drivers have been fired for temporarily walking out of the job late last month to protest the firing of Jairo Reyes, who worked there for 24 years, and not receiving the hearing that workers are entitled to.

In an emailed statement, UPS said it took an “appropriate and justifiable” action to fire the employees for an illegal and unauthorized work stoppage.