UPS Union Starts Strike Authorization Vote; No Near-Term Impact Expected – Wall Street Journal

Aircraft maintenance workers at United Parcel Service Inc. began a strike authorization vote Friday, but union and company representatives ruled out a work stoppage during the holiday-shipping season.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters said the move affecting roughly 1,200 UPS airplane mechanics and support staff in the U.S. follows three years of protracted contract negotiations and continued disagreements over wages and health benefits.

Under U.S. labor law governing airline workers designed to keep traffic and commerce moving, unions can’t unilaterally go on strike without government approval. Federally mediated talks are scheduled to continue through at least December.

Will Amazon’s Parcel Delivery Ambitions Disrupt United Parcel Service? – Market Realist

How will UPS be affected?

Industry veterans say it’s virtually impossible for AMZN to replicate the huge hub-and-spoke model that UPS has built over many years. Another view holds that AMZN’s e-commerce competitors may—or may not—trust AMZN’s delivery network for their own deliveries, which makes it the million dollar question. Presently, both Amazon and UPS are trying newer technologies, such as drones, to speed up and innovate their delivery process.

UPS offering some employees lump-sum payments – Pensions and Investments

United Parcel Service Inc., Atlanta, is offering about 50,000 U.S. pension plan participants a lump-sum window, spokesman Glenn Zaccara said in an e-mail.

The population consists of former employees, from non-union and some union plans, who are vested in their respective U.S. pension plans but who have yet to retire, Mr. Zaccara said. The population is restricted to former employees who terminated their UPS employment between July 2003 and June 2016.

“Like many other companies, UPS is providing some former employees with the opportunity and flexibility to choose a lump-sum distribution, rather than having their money tied up in a pension plan. This common practice benefits former employees who voluntarily elect to free up their money, while also benefiting the company by simplifying plan administration,” Mr. Zaccara said.

Federal court considering settlement proceedings and enforcement between UPS and legal, insurance officials – PennRecord

United Parcel Service (UPS) announced last month that it plans to expand its recently developed on-demand 3D printing service for its Asian network and customers.

The Singapore site will be the first international on-demand 3D printing factory. UPS plans to open the facility with its partner service bureau, Fast Radius, by the end of the year.

The opening of the groundbreaking facility will expand the UPS on-demand 3D printing network to Asia and enabling customers to increase their supply chain efficiency with additive manufacturing.