FedEx’s Big Merger Plans Are Close to Becoming a Reality – Motley Fool

FedEx’s acquisition of TNT Express doesn’t face many more antitrust hurdles.

FedEx is one of the biggest global transportation companies. However, compared to its top rival, United Parcel Service, it has one key shortcoming: a small European road delivery network.

FedEx hopes to close that gap with UPS by acquiring Dutch package delivery firm TNT Express. Pulling off a big merger like this typically involves jumping through a lot of regulatory hoops, but FedEx is now well on the way to completing that process.

Why you’re still paying a fuel surcharge at FedEx and UPS – CNN Money

Fuel prices are plunging, but that hasn’t stopped FedEx and United Parcel Service from charging customers a fuel surcharge.

The price of diesel is down 30% from a year ago, but UPS still charges customers a 5.25% fuel surcharge on top of whatever it would cost to ship a package. FedEx’s fuel surcharge is 4.25% for ground shipments and 2.75% for express shipments.

The surcharges have earned both companies a place on Consumer Reports’ list of “naughty” companies for Christmas 2015.

FedEx, UPS Now Riding On The Holiday Tracks – Yahoo

  • As many investors would expect, FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) and United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE: UPS) thrive during the busy holiday season.
  • Online holiday sales are expected to grow as much as 8 percent this year, eclipsing last year’s 5.8 percent.
  • Meanwhile, retailers are sitting on record high inventories and could turn some stores into e-commerce hubs to boost sales.

ISIS wearing UPS uniforms? Online hoax so convincing it snares Alabama sheriff – AL

An old online rumor about terrorists donning UPS uniforms is making the rounds again, snaring at least one Alabama law enforcement official who shared the hoax online.

On Wednesday, Talladega County Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore posted a message on his Facebook page to offer a warning about the supposed purchase of tens of thousands of uniforms from the delivery service. The message appeared to be coming from the Department of Homeland Security.