A Second Contract Vote Fails: How UPS’s Most Important Distribution Center Is at Risk

The Teamsters’ Local 89 Union at United Parcel Services’ (NYSE: UPS  ) famed Worldport Hub has once again voted down the proposed Louisville air supplement in a vote of 2804 against and 185 for the proposal. This marks the second time that the contract has been voted down, and it highlights the ongoing strain between UPS and one of the company’s most important local unions.

UPS Increases its Joining Forces Hiring Commitment to 50,000

13,000 veterans hired to-date, 18,000 employee volunteer service hours delivered to veterans groups

UPS (NYSE: UPS) announced today plans to hire 50,000 veterans by the end of 2018. The total doubles the company’s original five-year hiring pledge made last year as part of the Obama Administration’s Joining Forces initiative. In 2013, UPS hired 13,000 veterans, an increase of more than 30 percent from the prior year.

Additionally, UPS will increase its employee volunteer service hours committed to veterans and Veteran Service Organizations (VSOs). Employees will now contribute 50,000 service hours as part of the expanded pledge announced at an employment summit and career forum focusing on the aviation industry at Fort Campbell, Ky., attended by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden. UPS employees already have logged more than 18,000 volunteer hours directly to veterans and VSOs.

Declining Revenue Per Package May Temper UPS’s Revenue Growth – Trefis

Lately there has been a shift in customer preference towards economical means of shipping packages, even if it means waiting a few extra days for their shipments to get delivered. For UPS, this leads to a cannibalization effect wherein package volumes of time-efficient-yet-pricy services decline and volumes for economical services increase. Volume for UPS SurePost, a low cost service which leverages the resources of the U.S. Postal service, increased more than 30% in the fourth quarter 2013 as shippers continued to choose lower costs over faster deliveries. From an overall volume perspective, there is no impact for UPS. However, the trend has been putting pressure on UPS’s revenue per package.

Spam Mail Run Delivers Malware While Masquerading as UPS – Spam Fighter

Two security firms namely Malwarebytes and Cisco warn that UPS (United Parcel Service)-related unsolicited electronic mails are presently hitting inboxes. These spam mails spoofing the globally famous package handing over company i.e. UPS actually represent one malware dissemination scam, published softpedia.com dated April 11, 2014.

Showing a header “UPS Exception Notification, Tracking Number 1Z522A9A6892487822,” the fake e-mails inform the recipient that because the shipper wanted, it was decided that the said merchandize would be delivered at some newly scheduled time.

To Increase Productivity, UPS Monitors Drivers’ Every Move – NPR

The American workforce might want to pay attention to all those brown trucks full of cardboard boxes. UPS is using technology in ways that may soon be common throughout the economy.

On the surface, UPS trucks look the same as they did more than 20 years ago, when Bill Earle started driving for the company in rural Pennsylvania.

But underneath the surface, Earle says, the job has changed a lot. The thing you sign your name on when the UPS guy gives you a package used to be a piece of paper. Now it’s a computer that tells Earle everything he needs to know.