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Multi-hub strategy to keep UPS ahead of competition, says Asia-Pacific head

When Nando Cesarone started working as a delivery driver for United Parcel Service Inc in Canada 23 years ago, foreign courier companies were yet to expand their wings into China, something that would not happen until 2005.

Sitting in a meeting room at UPS China’s headquarters in Shanghai, Cesarone, president of the Asia-Pacific Region for UPS, said the company is poised to grow its investment and resources to improve the carriage of high-tech and high-end consumer products to and from China over the next three years.

Antigo man helpless in garden gets timely delivery from UPS man – Channel 3000

A UPS driver in Antigo is being credited with delivering an 86-year-old man from a potentially dangerous situation.

United Parcel Service driver John Johnson pulled up to his home. Johnson heard a faint call for help, looked and saw Johnson. He raced over and helped Heinzen to his feet, and when he was too weak to walk, carried him to the house and helped him to water.

Heinzen said Johnson saved his life.

Fedex reaches tentative agreement with pilots

FedEx pilots tentatively agreed with the package delivery company on an amended collective bargaining agreement, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) said.

Fedex and its pilots have been negotiating on employment conditions since 2011. FedEx management filed for a mediation process with the National Mediation Board in October 2014.


UPS Finally Banned Shark Fins. What Now? – Motherboard

UPS was shipping the fins of thresher shark and smooth hammerhead, both listed as “vulnerable,” and the blue shark, listed as “near threatened” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Other documents show that the company was also shipping oceanic white tips, a protected species for which trade is tightly controlled.

When pressed on the issue and presented with a petition with over 177,000 signatures, a spokesperson for UPS told Motherboard that the company “ships shark fins that are legal to ship.”

But on Monday night, UPS finally caved. The company tweeted that it was joining a growing list of others that are refusing to ship shark fins.