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59 Billion Reasons Amazon Is Not a Threat to UPS – The Street

Recent tensions between UPS and Amazon have created a semi-hostile relationship. UPS couldn’t handle the costs incurred from delivering Amazon’s packages. In response, they jacked up their prices and Amazon threw a fit. Amazon relies on relentless cost cutting to stay afloat with their razor thin margins. Bezos’ intention is to ruthlessly undercut any and all competitors. In response to UPS’ price hikes, Bezos decided to start taking deliveries into his own hands.

UPS: What Brown Can’t Do For You – Seeking Alpha

When it comes to the United Parcel Service investors love talking about the threat of Amazon. There’s constant chatter that Amazon is creating a delivery network to crush UPS. And that’s why you should sell.

Yes, it’s true. You should sell UPS. But not because of Amazon. Amazon may be a long-term threat, but investors are blowing it out of proportion. The real reason you should sell is because of massive macroeconomic headwinds. These macro drivers trump any problems Amazon may cause.

Ex-UPS driver sentenced to eight months in jail for gold, silver thefts – Record Spotlight

A former United Parcel Service driver who stole shipments of gold and silver found himself fitted with steel handcuffs Wednesday as he was sentenced to eight months in Shasta County Jail and placed on formal probation for three years.

Kevin Christopher Peel, who would face more than eight years in prison if he violates his probation, was remanded into jail custody Wednesday after pleading no-contest in November to six felony counts of grand theft and a related enhancement.