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Here’s The Story Behind The Strike That Got 250 UPS Workers Fired – Business Insider – Business Insider

UPS said it dismissed Reyes on Feb. 14 because he repeatedly clocked in earlier than his shift was set to start, which resulted in his being paid overtime for hours that he allegedly didn’t work.

“There was a disagreement over the hours he clocked and the hours he actually worked, and we discharged him after several warnings,” UPS spokesman Steve Gaut told Business Insider.
The early clock-ins were reported over a period of five days, Gaut said. Reyes was officially fired for “admitted dishonesty.”

Politicians threaten to pull plug on UPS contracts – Forum Newsgroup

City and state officials fired back against the United Parcel Service’s firing of 20 Queens drivers this week by threatening to cut contracts that save the company tons of cash.

A UPS spokesman said the threats of revoking city and state contracts with the delivery company would in return impact the lives of even more workers.

“UPS appreciates its business with the New York public offices,” he said. “Ultimately if that business is reduced or eliminated, the result will be reduced need for UPS employees to serve the pick-up and delivery requirements of City offices, potentially impacting the livelihoods of the many local UPS employees that did not join in the illegal work stoppage.”

Union troubles for UPS – Seeking Alpha

New York city politicians are threatening to cancel contracts giving UPS millions in breaks on parking fines after the company moves to fire 250 Queens employees for walking off the job during a 90 minute protest on Friday.

UPS fires 20 Maspeth workers for February walkout – Forum News Group

The United Parcel Service provided 20 Maspeth employees with pink slips this week with potentially more to come, the company said.

“We have implemented the release of a group of employees that participated in the Feb. 26 walkout,” a spokesman for UPS said in a statement. “Our first priority is to maintain orderly delivery operations and we chose to release 20 employees in order to minimize the chance of any impact on customer commitments. The misconduct on Feb. 26 was serious and the company is taking contractually appropriate actions to address those employees involved in the unauthorized work stoppage.”

A source who is familiar with the mass terminations said there were several more to come this week for the same reasons as stated by the company.

UPS Ranks No. 22 on 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100 – Yahoo

UPS today announced its Auto Arrive and Depart (AAD) system ranked 22 on the 2014 InformationWeek Elite 100.

The AAD technology leverages data from a vehicle’s mobile computer to exchange load movement and vehicle data between a UPS tractor trailer driver and a UPS dispatch office.

AAD provides the driver an electronic check-in and check-out process integrating the vehicle data terminal with a suite of UPS developed trailer forecasting and day of operations systems.

“With over 74,000 trailer arrivals and departures daily, the solution improves the services we provide to our customers and increases operational efficiency,” said Nick Costides, UPS vice president transportation technology group.