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UPS Names Abney as CEO Amid Revamp After Holiday Crunch – Bloomberg

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) promoted Chief Operating Officer David Abney to chief executive officer as the world’s largest package-delivery company reshapes U.S. operations after a surprise surge in online Christmas shopping.

CEO Scott Davis, 62, will retire effective Sept. 1 and become non-executive chairman as Abney, 58, assumes his new role, Atlanta-based UPS said today. The new CEO began his 40-year UPS career as a part-time package loader.

Abney will take over at a crucial time, as UPS heads toward the height of the holiday e-commerce rush that overwhelmed the company with last-minute shipments in 2013. He led the team that reviewed UPS’s response, which spawned a $100 million, multiyear push to expand some parcel facilities and accelerate use of new technology to make delivery routes more efficient.

United Parcel Service : All about delivery for UPS international boss – 4 Traders

Jim Barber is a 29-year veteran at United Parcel Service, having started off as a delivery driver. Now he wants the company, which has a hub in Dubai, to have a major presence at Expo 2020

It is one of the top 20 airlines in the world by size of fleet, with 272 planes, and lands 16 flights a week in Dubai with ongoing flights to Europe and Africa. But you will never be able to book a seat on it, and might never even notice its presence on the tarmac.

The “Browntail” fleet of the global logistics and delivery group UPS flies the global routes that are the arteries of its multibillion dollar business, along with sea and land lanes that all serve warehousing and logistics hubs in the world’s great commercial centres.

UPS Drivers Who Avoid Accidents for 25 Years Get Arm Patch and Bomber Jacket – Wall Street Journal

Chadd Bunker says his friends and relatives tell him he drives like an old man. Roll through a stop sign? He would never do that. Exceed the speed limit? Not on your life. He makes three right turns to avoid a left. He can be annoying.

But Mr. Bunker, who is only 48 years old, is no ordinary driver. He recently became one of the proud, lucky few to reach the delivery driver equivalent of Eagle Scout—the United Parcel Service Inc. UPS’s Circle of Honor.

The award goes to those who manage to drive their big brown trucks without having an “avoidable” accident, for years and years. That isn’t easy since UPS considers nearly every kind of accident avoidable. A scratch on the truck while backing up, or a tree branch hitting the vehicle and breaking a mirror, they both count as accidents that might have been avoided.

New UPS Campaigns Deliver Without the Truck Focusing on logistics, brand targets millennial movers and shakers – Ad Week

Just in case you have ever wondered, United Parcel Service has 96,361 trucks. If you live in any of the 175 countries that UPS services, you’ve seen them: They’re big, they’re fast, and, of course, they’re brown. Relatively few brands enjoy the luck of its workaday equipment becoming a universally recognizable icon. So it’s no surprise, as this 1992 ad shows, that those big brown trucks have taken center stage in the company’s marketing.

Why, then, would UPS ditch that terrific truck in favor of … a millennial entrepreneur holding her foam robot? “This 1992 ad was appropriate for its time,” observed Brian Ceraolo, president of Peerless Media, which publishes Logistics Management magazine. “But advertising has changed a lot over 20 years.” For UPS, that change came in the form of an IPO and another thing called the Internet. Together, they completely changed the way this 107-year-old shipper does business—a change in plain view in these two very different magazine ads.

UPS Workers on One Day Strike – NL Times

Couriers for the United Parcel Service (UPS) in Amsterdam are striking today, they are protesting the lack of a good collective labour agreement in professional freight transport, according to union FNV Bondgenoten administrator Egon Groen, RTL Nieuws reports.