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How Important Is E-Commerce to UPS and FedEx? – Motley Fool

Will e-commerce dictate the future of these delivery companies?

E-commerce wasn’t just briefly mentioned in UPS’ most recent quarterly report — it was the primary reason the company reported increased sales. CEO and Director David Abney noted during the conference call that “consumer spending remains the primary catalyst for growth in the economy, and e-commerce sales have again exceeded the expectations.” Not only is e-commerce increasing sales, but UPS also attributed its growing margins and increased U.S. profit directly to the trend. It’s proven especially important for the company’s B2C (business-to-consumer) shipments, but B2B (business-to-business) has also benefited.

But the news isn’t all good.


‘A Lot Like Uber’: UPS To Test Drones For Deliveries In Africa – AFK Insider

United Parcel Service, the world’s largest package delivery company, has partnered with two other companies to test drones for delivering blood transfusions and vaccines in remote parts of Rwanda.

If all goes well, ordering drone delivery could work a lot like ordering an Uber, one of the partners said.

Through its UPS Foundation, UPS has committed $800,000 to the project with Zipline, a California robotics company; and Gavi, a Switzerland-based group that works to bring vaccines to children in poor countries, CourierJournal reported.

Treasury rejects Teamster pension cuts – Star Tribune

The U.S. Treasury Department has rejected the deep retirement cuts sought by the ailing Teamsters Central States Pension Fund, to the cheers of more than a quarter million trucking retirees and workers around the country.

The government’s decision Friday does nothing to solve the dire financial problems of the Central States fund, which faces insolvency in 10 years. Some say the retirement fund’s only hope is a federal bailout.

Former Trail Blazer No. 1 overall NBA Draft pick turned UPS driver is at peace – Oregon Live

On going to work for UPS after his basketball career:

“I did very well with the interview process… I drove the package car… I drove the package car for six months, I kept getting promoted, promoted, and promoted, I’m at the top of my game now. In fact, I’ve been here 29 years. Today is my anniversary today… a lot of my co-workers here say, ‘You’re seven feet tall, did you ever play basketball?’ I say, ‘Yes, you can Google me…'”