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UPS gears up for expanded regional traffic –

United Parcel Service Inc, the world’s largest package delivery company, has vowed more money and resources to improve the carriage of high-tech and high-end consumer products between China and other APEC economies over the next three years.

David Abney, the company’s CEO, said that as Chinese companies continue to emerge as serious global high-tech manufacturers, the US-based company plans to offer more service options to help companies better serve their customers across the region.

UPS owns and operates two major hubs in the country.

United Parcel Service Pilots Picket UPS Investor Conference

This morning the UPS pilots, represented by the Independent Pilots Association, conducted an information picket at the 2014 UPS Investor Conference held at the Grand Hyatt New York.

“We conducted this picket to inform the investment community that UPS has neglected its airline operations by failing to finalize the pilot contract,” said IPA President, Captain Robert Travis. “We prefer to reach a negotiated agreement with UPS, but with our talks now entering a fourth year, we question whether UPS is equally committed to a resolution.”

“UPS pilots have reaffirmed our intention to fly this Christmas by not seeking a release from the National Mediation Board.  This holiday season, we remain committed to safe and reliable delivery,” said Travis.  Under the Railway Labor Act a request for release, if granted by the NMB, could lead to a 30-day countdown to a strike, or lockout.

UPS High Court Brief Signals Pregnancy Accommodation Shift – Law 360

United Parcel Service Inc. told the U.S. Supreme Court that it didn’t violate the law by denying a pregnant worker’s request for light duty in 2006 but added that it was changing course and making temporary light duty work available to pregnant employees with physical restrictions.

The world’s biggest package delivery company filed an Oct. 24 brief that urged the nation’s highest court to affirm a Fourth Circuit ruling that nixed a bias suit filed in 2008 by delivery driver Peggy Young, who took leave for in vitro fertilization and was deemed unable to perform the essential functions of her job because of a lifting restriction and ineligible for light duty when she tried to return.

Under a collective bargaining agreement with the Teamsters Union, of which Young was a member, workers could get temporary alternative assignments under certain circumstances, such as if they were hurt on the job, were disabled or lost their Department of Transportation certification. But workers with restrictions stemming from pregnancy don’t get the same accommodations, Young said in a June high court filing.

Why UPS needs to win over China’s “super consumer” – Yahoo

“Made in China” has become a part of American culture. Everything from iPhones and iPads to the 2012 U.S. Olympic team uniforms sport the label. Essentially, China is synonymous with “exporter” in many American minds.

But that may soon be changing. We all know China has a growing middle class, but what companies are starting to realize is that a growing middle class means a billion potential super consumers. For U.S. companies that may spell potential.

“China is the golden child of emerging markets, very fast growing middle class… and we’re certainly looking at the domestic market there as an opportunity,” said Alan Gershenhorn, chief commercial officer of UPS.

UPS Driver Caught Mishandling $12k Package on Video – ABC

UPS reps were “horrified” recently when they watched a store’s surveillance video showing one of their drivers treating a package with little care, a store associate said.

“[The UPS driver] just basically threw the thing out the door,” Ray Martel of East Hills Instruments in Westbury, New York, told WABC-TV.

On Monday, Martel said the UPS driver — who was not the store’s “regular” guy — delivered a box to East Hills Instruments.

When the driver was told that the box needed to be returned to the sender because East Hills did not accept cash-on-delivery items, he became disgruntled, Martel said today.