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Pregnant worker’s case to test justices’ ‘blind spot’ – USA Today

When Peggy Young’s pregnancy discrimination claim against United Parcel Service comes before the Supreme Court Wednesday, the potential implications will be greater for the court itself than for Young or UPS.

Several cases involving gender discrimination and reproductive rights have hit a 5-4 roadblock at the conservative-leaning court under Chief Justice John Roberts. Now groups representing women, workers, employers and others are watching to see how the justices handle the company’s refusal to reassign Young to light duty during her pregnancy.

After last June’s ruling that Hobby Lobby and other employers with religious objections could deny their employees health insurance coverage for contraceptives, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg went so far as to suggest her male colleagues had a “blind spot” on the issue.

Boise family honors UPS driver who put out fire – 6 On Your Side

UPS driver Steve Walker just happened to be dropping by the Forbes’ home to make sure a package that had been accidentally delivered to a neighbor made it to the right place.

“As he walks up, I guess he noticed the trash can on fire, flames coming out of it, and he just thinks real quickly from what I understand,” Monica said.

“And so that’s when I started grabbing snow and filling it up,” Walker said.

Ex-UPS driver, denied light duty while pregnant, presses discrimination claim at Supreme Court – Star Tribune

Peggy Young only has to look at her younger daughter to be reminded how long she has fought United Parcel Service over its treatment of pregnant employees, and why.

Young was pregnant with Triniti, who’s now 7 years old, when UPS told Young that she could not have a temporary assignment to avoid lifting heavy packages, as her doctor had ordered.

“They told me basically to go home and come back when I was no longer pregnant,” Young said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I couldn’t believe it.”

She sued the Atlanta-based package-delivery company for discriminating against pregnant women. She lost two rounds in lower courts, but the Supreme Court will hear her case Wednesday.

Why Investors Should Avoid UPS Shares This Holiday Season – Seeking Alpha


  • United Parcel Service has used its position as the largest transportation and logistics company in North America to generate staggering returns on its equity and invested capital.
  • While the firm’s balance sheet contains a fair amount of debt, the stock pays an above-average yield and its dividend growth track record is strong.
  • However, with analysts expecting a deceleration in UPS’s future earnings growth, the DRAG framework suggests its shares are currently overvalued by close to 15%.

UPS teaches holiday recruits to fend off dogs, dodge taxis – Bloomberg

As United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) hires a holiday workforce bigger than Macy’s Inc., recruits get a quick course in lifting heavy loads, doubling up on socks, and, in a jam, fending off snarling dogs with handheld computers.

The world’s biggest package delivery company is rushing to hire as many as 95,000 people by next week to cope with projected record deliveries. UPS is determined to perform better than last year, when harsh weather and a surge in last-minute online shopping orders caused more than a few packages to be delivered after Christmas.

Some of these employees, being recruited online via iPhones or college visits from Boston to Seattle, will wind up sorting packages in temporary portable buildings. Some will deliver boxes in Los Angeles office towers and 207 of them will be sent out to drive signature brown Pullman trucks — in attire of the same hue — while dodging taxis and bicycle couriers in New York.