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Heavy Lift: New England UPS Driver Rescued Tons of Fish, One Net at a Time – National Geographic

UPS driver Bill McWha had just moved to Wakefield, Rhode Island, in 2010 when he decided to check out his town’s main river. From the banks of the Saugatucket River, McWha was horrified by what he saw: thousands of migrating river herring stuck at a dam, unable to swim over to reach their spawning sites.

So he took matters into his own hands. The next day, McWha returned to the river with a net, positioned himself on a 14-foot beam that had washed ashore during a flood, and started lifting 10 to 15 fish at a time over the Main Street Dam. Many passersby shook their heads, but others were curious. After he explained that he was helping a fish species reproduce, about a dozen of them joined his cause.

UPS: Word, Acronym or Initialism Trademark? – JDSupra

Life is full of ups and downs. The world of trademarks often tends to mirror life. Yet, for the time being, the USPTO currently recognizes only one brand and mark as living solely on ups.

As it turns out, those three letters form a pretty powerful brand and trademark. Although there may have been two previous federal registrations for the same letter-string, one covering socks and another covering “retail marketing programs for products of others,” those have long since expired, and the USPTO database now is surprisingly clear of any others, to the point where even goods like specialty metal pipes and carpet and rugs can’t find a path to registration.

Book by UPS driver who rose to president of the company offers leadership advice – Atlanta Business Chronicle

A new book by Ron Wallace, the former president of United Parcel Service Inc.’s (NYSE: UPS) international package operations, offers career advice and stories about people he worked with along the way.

Wallace was a delivery driver for six years in rural Idaho and rose through the ranks to become president of the company.

Wallace’s new book – Leadership Lessons from a UPS Driver: Delivering a Culture of We, Not Me (Berrett-Koehler Publishers) – “pulls back the curtain on never-before-revealed principles into UPS successes spanning a century,” according to press material about the book.

Will Disruption Take a Bite Out of Logistics Jobs? – Yahoo

New technologies and trends will shake up the industry, but could boost employment.

As advancing technology and business-model innovations gain momentum and threaten to disrupt logistics, some are beginning to worry about their impact on logistics-related jobs.

Take 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, for example.

The concern over jobs is based in the fact that 3D printing eliminates the need for both high-volume production facilities and low-level assembly workers, thereby cutting out a significant portion of the supply chain.

And what about other disruptions, such as crowdsourcing, where employers find answers to their needs from an undefined online community?