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Caught on Camera: Delivery drivers lauded for acts of kindness – Fox 4

A FedEx and UPS driver both helped out two elderly people while they were out delivering this week, but neither driver knew their acts of kindness were caught on camera.

A Fox 2 viewer sent in a photo of a UPS Driver pushing a man in a powered wheelchair on the sidewalk this week. We posted it on Facebook and asked if the community could help us identify the kind UPS driver. FOX2’s viewers did more than that, they helped find the driver and shared another photo of a FedEx driver performing another kind act.

“I just did what any other person would do,” UPS Driver Patricia Hall-Hill said.

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The USPS Releases Its Strategic Plan. It May Not Be Good News for FedEx. – Barron’s

On Tuesday, the U.S. Postal Service released details of its strategic vision for the service. The 10-year plan is sure to draw a lot of attention from politicians, employees, and the mailing public.

Businesses will care too. Many Americans might not realize it, but the USPS is a logistics heavyweight, with operations rivaling FedEx and UPS.

USPS sales topped $73 billion in its fiscal year ended September 2020.  FedEx sales over the past 12 months amount to about $79 billion. UPS sales are about $85 billion.

The USPS also plans to offer one-, two-, and same-day delivery for business customers in hopes of generating $24 more billion in sales over the coming 10 years. That puts the USPS squarely in competition with the likes of FedEx. It might not be all bad news for private delivery services, though. If the USPS has to price the offering to subsidize mail losses, it could actually help UPS and FedEx by pushing up pricing.

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Exclusive: UPS pilots detained in Hong Kong while awaiting COVID test results – Freight Waves

US defends FedEx in dispute over pilot quarantines

UPS pilots disembarking for rest in Hong Kong report they are being forced to wait in government facilities for COVID-19 test results rather than proceed to their hotel, a situation that could escalate tensions with the U.S. over restrictive COVID-19 health measures on aircrews arriving in the semiautonomous city.

The U.S. Department of Transportation earlier this week retaliated against Hong Kong’s aggressive quarantine measures for pilots that are impacting cargo flights by FedEx Express (NYSE: FDX), but give a pass to certain flights by local carrier Cathay Pacific.

“Crews laying over in Hong Kong are now subject to new rules requiring that crewmembers tested for COVID-19 upon arrival must wait for test results prior to being allowed to proceed to the crew hotel,” the union representing UPS (NYSE: UPS) pilots said in a communication to members obtained by American Shipper.

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Truckers May See Boost from Pandemic Aid’s Pension Lifeline – Wall Street Journal

The measure is seen clearing a cloud hanging over unionized trucking companies and others in multiemployer plans

Unionized trucking companies could get a lift from a provision of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package that throws a fiscal lifeline to struggling multiemployer pension plans.

Analysts say the measure President Biden signed into law this month should help clear a cloud that investors see hanging over truckers ArcBest Corp. and Yellow Corp. The unionized carriers are the top two active employers in the largest of the plans likely eligible for relief, the Teamsters’ Central States Pension Fund, which is projected to become insolvent in 2025.

“There was always the lingering risk that if there was severe risk of underfunding you’d have to pay extra into the Central States,” said Citigroup Inc. transportation analyst Christian Wetherbee.

The support also could benefit delivery giant United Parcel Service Inc., which withdrew from the fund in 2007 but as of the end of last year potentially retained some liability if Central States became insolvent, according to securities filings.


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UPS Needs To Play Weekend Warrior To Catch Up To FedEx – Benizinga

At UPS Inc., a project aimed at cutting one day from transit times for all its U.S. ground parcel deliveries has been dubbed “Our Fastest Ground Ever.” It is indeed an ambitious endeavor to merge UPS’ network infrastructure and technology to shrink the time between pickup and delivery of 15 million or so daily shipments.

The program, which kicked in solidly late last year, has made good progress. Today, 90% of UPS’ ground-parcel shipments move in one- to three-day transit times. More than half of the improvements under the initiative have come from shrinking two- to four-day transit times to one to three days. To speed deliveries, UPS has diverted millions of parcels from the railroads — it is a huge intermodal customer — to two-person, over-the-road sleeper teams.

But there’s a hole in Big Brown’s delivery net: Its weekend operations lag behind those of arch-rival FedEx Corp. which possesses an internally controlled seven-day-a-week delivery network. Until UPS can raise its weekend game to match its rival, it may not gain the traction it needs in the time-in-transit battle that will likely determine supremacy in e-commerce delivery.