air drivers

  1. J

    PT going to FT question

    Hey! I was wondering what I should do in my situation, I've been working as an air driver for a bit and enjoy it. I want to go full-time but my hub is only air and all drivers are PT except for the few FT air drivers from other hubs who do shuttle in the morning at our hub. Most of the drivers...
  2. J

    Part-Time AM Air driver question.

    Hey! I finished Integrad for a Bid Air Driver position, first shift starts at 0600, wondering if any other air drivers can give me details further on the job? First time working for UPS, but I've been browsing browncafe for a while now so I am familiar with most topics. Thanks!
  3. IJustWorkHere

    PM PT Air Driver

    I’m a PT hub High Value (HV) Clerk . My name just came up on the bid sheet for Pm Air Driver . From what I’m told I’ll be Taking packages to the airport as needed . My understanding is that I’ll continue to be HV but will be on call for airport runs. My question is what’s starting rate for Air...
  4. Method Mensch

    Air Driver positions getting replaced by 22.4s?

    I'm only about 30% confident that it might be true, but I've been hearing chatter about Air Driver slots being eliminated. Doesn't make sense to me, but rumor has it that Air Drivers could be offered to either go 22.4 or work inside at inside rate. Anyone else hear or see anything to that...
  5. A

    Full time lay off options

    I’m a full time package driver but the lowest in seniority and work has slowed down so there are no routes for me.. I’ve been working both preload and sort to get my 8.. we have 2 part time air routes every day and I’m being told I can’t take either one because it’s strictly for air drivers...
  6. S

    Saturday Ground Ceasing, Saturday Air Drivers Coming Back In Some Buildings

    I'm in a heavy metropolitan hub. Theres word here from multiple drivers from different hubs that their Saturday Ground operation is coming to an end. Not profitable and company is losing money. Also, those buildings and even buildings still with Saturday Ground are bringing back Saturday Air...
  7. T


    Get the damn air here on time you SOBitches!!
  8. D

    Shuttle Work

    I am a combo employee who has a bid of 2-inside jobs, Can I sign-up to be a shuttler for a different sort/building? The shuttler work and the regular combo work I bid on are at the same time, So its not extra work. Its just due to getting ground pay over combo pay rate? Or is this strictly for...
  9. L

    Area going PTCD what will happen to current cover drivers?

    My area is going the part time cover driver route. What will happen to the air drivers that are currently the only utility cover drivers after the change?