1. P

    Allowances Changed??

    Have my allowances changed on the DIAD 6 and does anyone have a ACTUAL explanation of why or how to get them back to normal??? I know the old DIAD would modify the plan day based on when I hit stop complete, etc, but who has experience with that in the new DIAD?
  2. T

    How to get promotions? How to be sent oversea? How to get more power or money?

    Hi guys. My Name is Yichang. I am a new UPS employee. I was originally from China. And this is pretty much my first US big job.( big is to the company, I use to work in small business. ) I just found this website and I want to learn some experience from you guys. Thank you so much for your...
  3. muthatrucka

    Christmas Bonus 0.0

    How much was your Christmas bonus? Mine was a bit smaller than previous years. Let’s see, 25 years ago we got a turkey, this year we got zero dollars, zero calendars, zero turkeys, zero meat trays, zero banana breads, zero point zero. Ahhh makes you feel fuzzy inside huh?
  4. Brohn Bron

    To The New Guys - 2 Buckets

    Young Guys, it’s time to move out of mom’s basement. You just landed yourself a full time driver job. Maximize your pay! 2 Buckets Overtime Bucket: 10 hours Bonus Bucket: 10 hours That’s 20 hours of overtime pay, get it!
  5. B

    Christmas Bonus for UPS P/T Supervisors?

    So I'm new to UPS. A part time sup, just trying to get some info. Do we get Christmas bonuses? I could really use one.
  6. M

    How are bonuses paid?

    I’m a seasonal driver helper and just got my first paycheck, but the $300 bonus was not on it. Does that come on a different check? Or do I need to kick someone’s ass?
  7. B

    seasonal bonus/jury duty

    Long story short I am currently working as a seasonal delivery driver helper. The position entails a $200 weekly and $500 seasonal attendance bonus. I just received a notice for jury duty which would be during peak season when I would most likely be called. I am working on deferring my jury duty...