double shift

  1. GodlikeRage

    22.4 Double Shifting

    Just want to know my rights as a 22.4 combination driver and that I'm understanding the current UPS National Master Contract Article 22 Section 4b and all that apply for potential grievances. I am located in the southern supplemental region. We've been told volume has been down in our hub and...
  2. specter208

    Dbl Time for 6th Punch?

    Have received a paycheck with double time pay for the 6th punch. Currently a PT with a T-S schedule. I thought 6th punch was only X1.5? Possible glitch in time-clock computer or payroll error?
  3. C

    Possible to work both preload night and early morning

    Been at ups for about 4 1/2 Years as a preloader..hours aren’t cutting it though (not enough) is it possible to work double shifts, (for example 5-9pm and then come back for the early am preload?)
  4. B

    Not allowed to Double Shift

    Starting back on August 1, 2014, My hub in Oklahoma City banned double shifting. The only double shifting that was allowed was preload and package pullers, is what I believe their position is called. So, except for peak season, no one on twilight or midnight is allowed to double on either shift...
  5. thaliloldsup

    Package Handler -> Driver Helper

    Back again, I have yet to see this covered in the forums, and I've been itching to ask it. I know UPS hires seasonal driver helpers off the street, but can a current PH opt to be a driver helper during the peak season? Or do they only offer it to off the street hires so they don't have to...