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    Less than 8hrs......

    So I'm senior driver that's been on my route almost 17 years. A question for you all. Is it worth the ink of fighting management for not dispatching me at least 8 hrs of work, giving my work to pvd drivers hence no overtime for me? I filled a grievance yesterday for the under dispatch and...
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    Should I file a grievance for disqualification

    I’ve been a driver for about a month now. There was a Tropical storm last week. I pulled my truck a little closer to the house I was delivering to because of the wind & rain. When I finished my delivery I backed up & hit a mailbox. I reported the accident immediately to my Supervisor and the...
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    Preload start fixed???

    Hi, I’ve been a preloader for a little over 5 months now, and I just discovered that my time card had been changed on multiple occasions because of my location along the belt in the building. If you’re loading at a spot closer to the trailer, Less time is taken off your card. I work on the spot...
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    Article 37 9.5

    Option one is the most common option to file 9.5 if overworked on the same route. Option 2 says "that employees bid or assigned to cover a route for a full week but is prevented from completing that assignment due to reassignment by the employer." Management does this all time. They put a...
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    Filing grievance over working 9 1/2 hours day

    I am not a 9.5 driver. Been driver for 2 years now. These past two years have been non stop work from 9 am- 1030 pm. I love over time and love my job. But I'd like to get a break once or twice a week. Does anyone have any templates that i can send my union rep?
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    Are supervisors allowed to move you to a different PD/Working Area? If so does seniority prevail?

    I filed a grievance against the new supervisor for sorting and handling packages about 1 month ago. And now she says she wants to move me to another pd because I have a low pph. However I checked the chart and my pph is about the same as everyone on the PD. (Within 10-5 of everyone else). So I...