1. M

    Do I have action at winning my Grievance? (22.4 DQ)

    here it goes.......... okay so I finished Intergrad via zoom for 3 days and I was told I would have a chance to drive days 4 and 5 and get to use the diad. I even had to fill out a questionnaire asking if I got to drive etc. which I didn't. I rode with someone the 5th day and he wouldn't really...
  2. L

    Can a grievance be over turned after being approved?

    My case, Let see where to start.... I became a part-time on call air driver on 11/27/2018 starting at $13/hr and after my 30 day packet was bumped up to $13.50/hr. I came from being in the hub for almost 3 years as a loader and decided it was time to move up in my career at ups. Before the 2018...
  3. H

    Supervisors working and grievances

    Hi browncafe new guy here just have some questions and I figured this would be a good place to ask. Supervisor's Working So I know that supervisor's are not supposed to touch packages, But I want to know in detail what else is considered bargaining unit work that supervisor are not supposed to...
  4. U

    What happen to management or supervisor when a grievance is file against them?

    I heard here if 3 grievances file against a supervisor, he/she be fired. Is that true?
  5. BigJamesBrown

    FULL TIMERS still in PROGRESSION with seniority date by Aug 1st! Did you file your grievance!?!

    Full-time seniority employees still in progression with a seniority date before August 1st are contracted to receive the yearly wage increase along with the bare minimum wage progression rate!?!:clap:
  6. S

    Micromanaging Supervisor

    This guy is a total nut, he held me in an office right before I needed to audit Early AM/ International packages causing the our Air Pull to almost be late. He's accused me of stealing in front of everyone in the office, saying he found a package inside another package and I don't open them to...
  7. D

    New supervisor problems......

    We have a new supervisor at our hub that is trying to prove themselves. :hangover: This person has been going around pissing everyone off. We have been tolerant but now it's starting to get worse since this person seems to not care. Is there any way we can get this person to calm down with the...
  8. The Man

    What type of grievances can we file?

    I'm curious as to what grievances we can file, what can we file on exactly. Like what are the limits to filing? Is there a list to what we can file on?