raise increase

  1. D

    COLA is a 33 cent adjustment to top scale

    I’m going to walk through the contract and math so that we’re all able to be on the same page. The following two paragraphs are the determining factors for the cost of living adjustment (COLA): Summarizing Article 33, paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 ‘COLA is based on CPI-W, published by the BLS...
  2. R. Mutt

    MRA (Market Rate Adjustment) Raise Exceptions

    Our hub (in Central States region) recently established an MRA raise of about $6.50/hour over minimum rate to $21/hour for our part time workers in order to attract staffing. I work in Revenue Recovery at said hub and did not receive the MRA Raise because "we are employees of the center rather...
  3. H

    Inside wage

    so I ask my b.a if I get a raise and he said no but I told him article 41 section 3 says I do ...was wondering what you guys opinion I make more then the progression and tell i top out
  4. L

    The "Back Pay" Situation

    Hello yes I'm relatively new, have been at UPS for about 6 months, and have heard things about the new "contract" going through and people getting "raises" and "back pay"... all very exciting words. I was told by an unreliable source of information that I would be included in and receive the...
  5. Dirtygerbils

    Skilled worker?

    Am I a skilled worker and do I deserve skilled worker raises? Started in 2012 at 18 Unload for 2 years @1400pph 96% labels scanned everyday. Primary sorter. You'll rarely rind me telling my unloader to stop Smallsort sorter/bagger no big deal I am frequently called over to help the DMP guys...
  6. Hethatbeking

    $15/hr, Wage hikes tied to inflation? "On Topic"

    There's a lot of talk about hiking the starting pay for part-time workers to $15 which I think is a good thing. But what about linking any future wage hikes to inflation?
  7. 4

    Better raises for part timers

    Should be more than $.80 for a year raise for part timers . $3 a year is a fair raise increase