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    Am I a skilled worker and do I deserve skilled worker raises?

    Started in 2012 at 18
    Unload for 2 years @1400pph 96% labels scanned everyday.

    Primary sorter. You'll rarely rind me telling my unloader to stop

    Smallsort sorter/bagger no big deal

    I am frequently called over to help the DMP guys with rewrapps, which opens a whole new question I have about whether I need to be certified/full-time/paidmore for dealing with these chemically soaked boxes.

    This past week I was certified to drive the bulk cart.

    I sort return slides, I know how to make new lables from a computer, they have new hires shadow me, little things like that all the building.

    I'm not bragging about any of these things just saying some of what I've learned in 6 years.

    So what qualifies you for an instant skilled worker raise?

    And what special skills do you possess?
  2. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    Remind us what part of any of that is Skilled Labor?
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    The company decides what a skilled job is. Completely up to them. With the new automation they are doing away with the skilled job classification
  4. Wally

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    OH NO!
  5. dudebro

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    Interested in a PT sup job?
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  6. Protein Fart

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    Out of that wall of text, these 3 words are all the company needs in order to tell you how much you're making at your position
  7. Nimnim

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    You've listed multiple things that could qualify you for the $1 skill pay. Did you receive a $1 raise when moving to sorter? If so then you have skill pay and should have received all other raises you would have gotten on top of that.

    As far as instant skilled worker raise, that isn't instant but if performing a position that is considered skilled you would receive the $1 more while performing the work. To keep the raise you need to have passed a test for the position and sometimes if management feels like it, will just apply the raise when you are assigned to a skilled area. Getting skilled pay is increasingly limited with all the automation and tech being introduced. Small sorters used to be skilled but with the introduction of the NGSS new people do not get the skill pay, same with the primary sort as they have been given scanners that tell them which belt to sort to.

    DMP or whatever that is sounds like PSC in my area and only a hazmat responder should be dealing with the leakers initially, if determined safe then non responders can rewrap them, neither of which is a skilled position.

    You've been here about 6 years, talk to your shop steward. Each location is different because of various things and they'll know what applies to your location.
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    Back in my day and in my center there were 2 ways to get skill pay.

    1. work preload.

    2 pass a sort test.

    The sort test tested your ability to memorize zip codes and properly sort boxes into the correct trailer. It was full of all the hardest to sort labels. you needed 100% to pass.
  9. Active Member

    There is no more skilled pay in my building.
  10. Zowert

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    No job at UPS requires actual skills (like that of a good carpenter). Whether you’re sorting packages, running routes or supervising; it’s just a common sense job. Skill pay is simply incentive, a way to get better production out of you.
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    Is that a work related question?
  13. burrheadd

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    With all that and being such a hard worker

    Whatever they’re paying you is not enough

    You need to march into the bosses office and demand a raise
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    He got terminated for stealing candy bars from package.
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    nah im a one trick pony