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    Hello brothers, I work the preload shift. I was sent home with 4 others cuz wd were xtra by the building mgr so I punched out and made my way out of the building. As Iwe were leaving, a part time sup told me he needed me to load cuz a loader hadn't showed up. He didnt say anything to the low man in front of me so he kept walking and left. I just kept walking and left too. I feel like they didnt stop him and im off the clock so whats he yelling at me for? So the pt sup had to work that day and got a greivance. Now the building mgr tells the steward that my action was gross insubordination and I could be fired. Any of you brothers care to enlighten me on how to approach my meeting with the steward and Mgr tomorrow?
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  2. Bagels

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    I'm assuming you meant that you volunteered to go home, and it appeared that your services were not needed thus you were relieved for work early for the day; on your way out, you were told that your services would be needed after all but you choose to continue on home away, resulting in management working & a grievance being filed. The building manager has every right to terminate you... but I doubt it'd stick, although it'd probably qualify as a cardinal infraction and you'd receive a few days (weeks?) of stressful unscheduled time off.

    Instead of popping an attitude, you should've worked. At the very least, you're going to be on the @$!$ list and it's likely management will turn toward an ALO system rather than giving voluteers the day off. Thus, you probably blew it for everyone.

    Call your business agent and union steward this afternoon for advice on tomorrow. Personally, I'd refrain from being aggressive/assertive, play it off as an irrational move for being fatigued & profundy apologize for the situation (don't admit guilt).
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    If you were already punched out, they can't say a Dam thing to you about punching back in or making you work!! They told you they didn't need you, you punched out!
  4. over9five

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    I agree. He was off the clock AS ORDERED, and under no obligation to follow any direction.
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    First, if you're a seniority employee they can't send you home. At that point you are guaranteed your 3.5 hours. Either way, I would agree that you we're under no obligation to go back to work. Based upon my local supplement you we're only obligated to let them know when you would be available, so you could have said "No, but I am available tomorrow." Like I said, that's based upon my local supplement. You should check your supplement to see what the recall from layoff policy is in your area.
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    While I agree that he shouldn't or can't get penalized for leaving...why paint a huge target on your back by refusing to come back in? He works preload, so he didn't have to make to someplace before they closed or something.
  7. bleedinbrown58

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    it's a sticky situation....if you were in the parking lot leaving and they called u and said come back and you didn't, they can't sa y anything. But you were still in the building, told to clock back in to work and basically said a non verbal "no" by going home. I don't know if they can outright fire you, but I'd expect some form of discipline...warning letter, suspended, etc. Unless you're a new employee, in which case they'll probably fire you.
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    I can't wait to hear jazhielcit2 "professional" opinion on what he thinks you should have done Since he's a "Loyal Teamster".
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    Nope. Plain and simple. No one can force you to punch back in.

    I was told to punch out? Don't have to tell me twice.

    They tried this stuff on me in feeders. Punched out? Well, my DOT hours just stopped. I have to have 10 hrs off now before I can punch back in. You wanna go there? You wanna alter the log book? It's illegal for ME to do so. You wanna try it?
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    You SHOULD be fine. Just a few months ago I went in and was bumped by a senior driver, I opted to burn a dead day, and walked out the door 10 minutes after the last start time. One of my sup's called me a short while after that and I ignored it. From what I heard, he had told the shop steward that he wanted to fire me for walking off the job. Long story short, if they say they don't need you and you decide NOT to go back in, then screw em
  11. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    Sounds like your management team failed to expect the unexpected.
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    Big thanks to all the replies! I like to think that I turned from just an employee # back into a person once I punched out. I mean, im hourly, if i wanted harrassed on my time, ida put in my letter of intent to be a pt sup. When I walked out, I heard that the pt sup told bm, "I cant make them stop". And bm said, "theyre off the clock". But now that they have a working greivance, theyre trying to tell the greiver that unless he drops it im fired! Which is it!!!!! Im off the clock or im insubordinate? Omg the @#%& never stops!
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    Ok, I could have been cooler about telling them no, im not going to work. But it would have beena huge aargument where they would have convinced me I was wrong and i would have had to load cause I dont know the contract. But on the clock im an hourly employee #. When I punch out, I feel like im not their #@%×! anymore. Dont harass me off the clock, im not some pt sup you call after ive made plans after work and tell me I have to shag misloads! Is this really even happening? Grrrrrrr
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    It seems clear that the manager was over plan and offered to cut some people loose and the OP likely agreed. The OP didn't specify if he had punched out or not yet which is the key. If he had already punched out, he should have advised the PT sup of the same and that he had already made plans, respectfully proceeded to leave the buliding. If the loader was on the way to the time clock and they changed their mind and the PT sup asked if he'd be willing to stay and he respectfully declined, he'd probably be fine. Scenario three is him being on the way to the time clock, PT sup directing him to disregard previous offer and to go load and him ignoring him and leaving. In the third scenario he could be discharged for insubordination in my opinion, however I'm sure the union would get him right back.

    On the other hand, back when I was a part timer I saw co-workers tell the PT sup they were going home after 3.5 hrs and even though the PT sup would say no, we need you , keep loading...the employees would still walk out and they never were disciplined.
  15. ikoi62

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    in case you didn't see it.
    the OP doesn't have anything to worry about. he was told to leave and he did.poor planing on his supervisors part is not his problem.
  16. Nimnim

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    If him getting discipline is contingent on someone filing the grievance for a supervisor working, did the other 3 people who went home get the same discipline ultimatum?
  17. UnloadDrone

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    Where did you fall in senority among the other three that left with you? lowest senority should have been told to stay. if that wasn't you, then sounds like they may have singled you out. they need to follow senority ffs.
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    Mountain out of a friggin mole hill.

    ​My god people....
  19. Dracula

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    Yep, management's thinking for thousands of years now.....
  20. deeznutz

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    I definitely wasn't the Lowman. But maybe there was reason to single me out....let me see.....