“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay"

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    quote on quote... sure it is.. so whats that considered when employees barely even work?
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    A Union shop.
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    Your perception ...
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    A few years back Hoffa came out to our building to give some raa-raa spech in the parking lot ( I think it was when he was running for re-election). We were all standing around waiting for him to speak, his roadies had the stage all set up but they couldn't get the microphone to work. Someone in the crowd yelled out "Must be a union mic!". Even Hoffa laughed :happy-very:.
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    I've always asked myself that same question when I see pt. supes standing around with their thumbs up their *****.
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    The Public Works Dept.
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    lol... yea we're paid to supervise not work... so why complain when we actually do work. in some situation when we cover a union employee for taking personal time. but then have the audacity to say we get paid to just stand there.. well unfortunately for you... thats our job =]
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    so why complain when we actually do work

    I think you answered it yourself

    we're paid to supervise not work.

    but then have the audacity to say we get paid to just stand there.. well unfortunately for you... thats our job.

    Yes you are paid to supervise not to work covering for an employee who is in the bathroom or getting water is different.
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    There are plenty of ways to determine this. The best is to get the production of all the employees then if you are the bottom 10% would be in jeopardy of not working in a "fair days work fair days pay". After all if you are not in the top 90% how fair is it to the top 10%. Would UPS push it, no. Why do I say this? No employee has been fired for misloads. In fact there are only a couple reason's why a hourly employee gets fired at UPS. Attendance, not working as directed (which is rarely enforced or sought after), stealing, harassment and physical altercations. Anything else would take to much time for our expensive lawyers to try and take care of. This is in the contract, but will they enforce it no. As to supervisors not working WE CAN WORK IF NOT ENOUGH COLLECTIVE BARGAINING UNITS (i.e. hourly employees) SHOW UP TO WORK. IF THE BUILDING IS SHORT PEOPLE BECAUSE OF ABSENTEEISM I WILL BE WORKING BECAUSE, IN THE UNION CONTRACT, IT SAYS I CAN. GRIEVE ME AND IT WILL BE OVERTURNED, SO TELL YOUR CO-WORKERS TO SHOW UP TO WORK SO I DON'T HAVE TO WORK.
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    It's called success and it feels wonderful.
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    As much as you bug me....you're accurate with this comment (IMO)

    Hey Got a joke:
    Q: What is the difference between Michael Jackson and a grocery bag?
    A: One is made of plastic and is dangerous for children to play with...
    .the other is used to carry groceries.
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    well what do you think i meant by covering an employee using personal time.. that is considered going for a coffee, drinking water, bathroom breaks, cigg breaks etc. I have the right to work { or cover that employee } untill he or she gets back. and about not getting fired for misloads. So your basically saying any employee can get away with having 2 /3 misloads a day and nothing will happen to him or her.. SO what do you think will happen if i followed up on making sure he or she doesnt get any misloads but keeps getting them.. ill keep documenting it and bring a shop steward more then a few times. going from verbal warning to a warning letter.. etc. They still wont get fired? or even suspension?
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    Here's what the Contract actually says:

    Section 7. Supervisors Working
    (a) The Employer agrees that the function of supervisors is the supervision of Employees and not the performance of the work of the employees they supervise. Accordingly, the Employer agrees that supervisors or other employees of the Employer who are not members of the bargaining unit shall not perform any bargaining unit work, except to train employees or demonstrate safety, or as otherwise provided in the applicable Supplement, Rider or Addendum. However, in the case of Acts of God, supervisors shall comply with the procedures in subsections (b) and (c) and may only perform bargaining unit work until bargaining unit employees are available. The Employer shall make every reasonable effort to maintain a sufficient workforce to staff its operations with bargaining unit employees. The Employer also agrees that supervisors or other employees of the Employer who are not members of the bargaining unit shall not perform bargaining unit work in preparing the work areas before the start of the Employer’s hub, preload or reload operation, nor shall the Employer send any bargaining unit employee home and then have such employee’s work performed by a supervisor or other employees of the Employer who are not a member of the bargaining unit.

    (b) When additional employees are necessary to complete the Employer’s operations on any shift or within any classification, the supervisor shall exhaust all established local practices to first use bargaining unit employees including where applicable, double shifting, early call-in, and overtime.

    (c) If there is no established local practice, the following shall apply with regard to inside work. Within each building, each operation will maintain appropriate list(s), by seniority, of those parttime employees requesting coverage work. . . .

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Young man, you can actually terminate someone for not working. I have successfully terminated two employees for violating a "fair days work for a fair days pay." It's extremely difficult, and you need a ton of paperwork. However the last time I completed a mission almost unheard of as this one, I had the Labor manager, the union steward, and an extra witness sit in a remote location and observe from afar the guy in question working. This was after repeated attempts to reach out to this employee. He was warned, written, and suspended. When my spy unit observed him, he walked around talked to everyone, back and forth to the restroom, even left his work area at times to show other employees something that was on his phone. They observed this individual for one hour and determined in an hours time he performed about ten minutes worth of work. It was supposed to be a full shift observation but the Labor manager had saw enough. The union steward even told the guy that they would grieve it but it would be tough to fight. I saw the guy working at Jacksons Food Store the other day.... I winked at him....
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    Winked at him in the grocery store? Isn't that like taking a wide stance in a Minnesota airport rest room?

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Something like that... The wink was perfect for the situation... The look on his face was priceless..
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    I wouldn't let him bag your groceries--he would put the eggs on the bottom for sure.
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    lol wow i def give you props for that. That was one hell of a story. But there you go that goes to tell that i could do the same. im pretty confident i can. But this employee im dealing with.. knows alot and alot more then i do.. Except i have 1 major problem..This employee has a very but i mean very close relationship with the DM and bldg Mangr not just that but also has alot of influence throughout the union and management. So am i fighting a losing battle?
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    What does Michael Jackson and Walmart have in common? Boys pants half off.
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    uhhh no actually. IF there are not enough workers to do the job, your duty is to then, by seniority, call in other workers.