“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay"

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jace1319, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Apparently, "UPS, The tightest ship in the shipping business" still holds true. As far as paying part timers poverty wages, you get what you pay for. As a part timer, I worked 3 times harder than a driver, but was paid the same hourly rate as a driver. Can we do better? Yes we can. Hope and change.
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    Jace heres the bottom line DON'T DO MY WORK!!!!! every time you do my job i would hand you a grievance I would litter your desk with them until you got the point.And you can O.J.S. me all your heart desires just remember safty first.
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    lol what makes you think thats all im going to do? just an ojs?. Thats GREAT the more grievance letters you hand me the more you going to hate to work for me.
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    yea Safety first right? i will monitor your every move and i will get you for everything you don't do =] remember no ones perfect so unless your are.. you going to be sitting in the office with a shop steward EVERYDAY for failure to follow instructions. And litter my desk with grievance gives me a motivation to litter your record with ammo. Remember ill get rid of you faster then you can get rid of me =]
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    this job isn't difficult. your threats are ridiculous. you sound like a terrible supervisor.
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    of course its not.. you sign up to scan 1200 pkgs per hr 450 bagging rate lift up to 70lbs etc etc... some people dont know how to do that............ so ridiculous or not you shouldnt point the finger at me.. point the finger at people not able to do the functions of the job. Bottom line is.. Ill be an a**hole if i have to. Good job efforts = recognition otherwise it is what it is and i do what i gotta do to maintain performance.
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    Nobody put a gun to your head when you took that job.Your a nobody to upper mgmt a grunt stop your whinning:sad-very:
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    No, its the more your going to hate me I"ll fill out so many grievances the labor manager will have no choice but to get rid of you I'll make your life a living hell.
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    It's just like you said no one's perfect I can play the same game. You sups make way more mistakes and take way to many risks and then i got you.And by the way I am perfect at everything I do.No need for shop steward I can beat you hands down everyday remember you have nothing to fall back on except the sword that you will fall on NO TIMER!!!!!!!
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    Show me where anyone "signs up" for a specified scan rate or bagging rate. The only thing correct in your statement is the requirement to lift 70 lbs (and first thing I would do on your sort is encourage everyone to demand bargaining unit help to lift anything 71lbs or higher).

    Jace, you are going to cost the company a lot more money in grievance settlements and lawyers fees to defend NLRB charges than you will ever make them by "doing what you gotta do to maintain performance". Think about that.
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    Listen jace with your poor attitude you are on your way out of U.P.S corporate will not tolerate constant labor issues with one supervisor especially P/T sups. Hey don't worry if you lose your job you can move into Upssocks basement in his moms house.
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    you both can say what you want. but reality is you dont work in my sort or operation as it is. so you can type all you want. it really doesn't affect my point of view. And what exactly you going to whine on your grievance about when i wont even touch a package then? and yea you DEF HAVE A POINT when you say im just a grunt to upper mgnment but if im on the upper level then you are.. then guess what you are? =] but what can i say no one did put a gun to my head and guess what. I made a pretty good decision by joining the management team. All i see is advancement.. all you see.. is the same thing everyday =]
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    All I see is better medical that I don't pay for ,better pension,better 401k,and don't have to listen to some ignorant fool who has no time or experience as to the job he is performing.Sunny skies are ahead,I love my job.
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    Wow, nice thread. I'm just curious how long you 2 sups have been with this company?
  15. Stupidvisors like jace and socks are a dime a dozen at UPS these days. Just smile and know that you'll be pulling in paycheck after paycheck long after they are transferred to no-mans-land or forced to resign. Seen it countless times over my years, give clowns like this enough rope and they will hang themselves everytime like clockwork. Keep filing and keep the paper trail going -- only a matter of time until they hang themselves with a pattern of harassment or threats and make themselves too much of a legal liability to have on board the most dishonest ship in the shipping industry. Hell, these two are a speck on the wall...I've seen people with a lot more to lose (center manager, dm) get fishhooked hard for not paying attention to detail when they set their sights on someone to terminate. I have every warning, suspension and termination letter I've received from UPS framed down in my pool room -- they are a great conversation piece.
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    I doubt anyone "signs up" for anything. A New Hire doesn't know what the job entails. He can't commit to anything because he is new and doesn't yet have the job skills or know the conditions he will be operating in.

    Besides, some of us were hired before there was any scanning, bagging, or 70 pound packages. Are we exempt by your logic?
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    mr jon.. your a different story.. lol it makes me laugh everytime i read a cocky comment. You right.. Management isnt for everyone. Only the strong survive =]. you see your missing the biggest key in this operating sort. The trick is not to let you know that i want to make your life so miserable. So therefore your little harassment letters and threats is useless. I'll pretend to like you =]. Give you compliments here and there but really work you like a dog. Because thats what you sound like. I bet you have straighten up after that termination letter right =] Because the next step is out the door and Good luck finding another job especially in this economy =].

    So far the only main issue in my sort is dealing with grumps like you. But thats being taking care at the moment. So dont think you have the upper hand because like socks said. The grievance form is just to make you feel better and empowered. You thinK they really process those grievance letter especially when they investigate and find out its all BS like Bs. =] Do your job and we will all be happy campers.

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    As soon as you stop doing MY JOB we will be happier campers!!!!!
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