“On Topic Only” Hand Injures


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Do you report all injuries to your hands even the small ones??

Does your facility provide gloves for package handlers??

When visiting a Facility an employee asked about the gloves that I had.

I told him that I got them while at another facility and that all employees at that facility were able to get them.

He was irritated that he was not provided gloves for package handling as some other employees in other buildings were.

I told him this lack of consistency didn’t surprise me but I asked him if it was a practice in his hub to report all injuries regardless of the severity, particularly small injuries to the hand. He laughed at me and said absolutely not.

I suggested that if all, and I mean all, injuries to the hand were reported it wouldn’t take long for gloves to be supplied to package handlers.

I told him I wasn’t sure if that is why the other facility got gloves or not but I do know that reporting all hand injuries even the small ones would eventually
result in the provision of gloves if you handle the situation correctly with Integrity.

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You're really supposed to. You always hear "What if tomorrow your scratch is infected?"
I'm not saying I would, but it's probably the smart thing to do.
Agreed, all hand injuries should be reported regardless of the severity.

Does your facility provide gloves to package handlers?