1/2 Hour Lunch

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by BrownDriver1956, Sep 2, 2019.

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    We are allotted an hour but we can take 10 paid and 20 unpaid as long as we have 30 mins.
  2. Some of the guys have an hour plus drive too and from home
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    If he stops for longer than 10 minutes he will be robbed or murdered. Philly is one of those classy cities.
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    Awhile back they rejiggered our centers and a bunch of routes got moved to other centers. The center I got moved to half or more of the guys have somehow gotten used to not taking a lunch until the end of the day. I fought with mngmt for six months telling my ORS that if I had to skip my lunch during my approved lunch time then I wasn't taking it. And if they over dispatch me with businesses and I feel like taking my lunch they will be sending me business help or I will sheet a bunch of misses.

    Then came two days in a row I sheeted a bunch of businesses missed. They made lame vague threats, I went to my steward and contacted my BA. They got together and told mngmt to stop over dispatching me and stop harassing me. Problem solved.
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    Did somebody make them live that far away?
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    Good to see someone taking the necessary steps. At least something in the system still works.

    I was once able to put off lunch until the end of the day way back in the late 20th Century, but I just can't go much longer than 5 to 6 hours after breakfast without my energy level really dropping. Just too hard to concentrate once hunger kicks in for me.
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  8. Yes, someone did.
  9. scooby0048

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    I got an hour and half just to get on and off route.
  10. Paid time vs not paid time please try to keep up.
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    We are only required to take 30min lunch here, but can take up to an hour if we want. I take it every single day between the 3rd and 6th hour no matter what. If I were to have missed businesses then that's on my management team. There is no reason we should be dispatched with so many commercial stops that we can't take a meal period!

    One driver in my center, who has a business heavy route, always takes his lunch at the end of the day at the center because "if he doesn't he would have missed businesses." This guy is a 15+ year driver and he still lets the company play him. It's sad sometimes the lack of balls people have.
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    On who?

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    30 min lunch all the way. Last thing I want is to sit in a ups truck any longer than I have to.....unpaid no less.
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    Wait we get a lunch break
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    This is literally every other driver in my center.

    Is there no place you can stop and take a lunch? In my region we are allowed to drive up to a mile off trace. You are also allowed, according to OSHA regs, to drive as far as you need to get to a place with a bathroom with at least warm running water.
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    Soon as they start to load me up I take every second.
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  19. Brownslave688

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    Allowed to drive up to a mile. Lmao

    Yeah osha says I can drive wherever I need to to find a break area with suitable facilities.

    Sup about exploded when I pulled that out one day when I pulled that out on a ride where they were trying to “fix” the route.

    He said I ran the route so I could eat where I wanted to. So I did as I was told and then we pulled 6 miles and ate where I wanted too lmao
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    "Run Forrest, run..." (lol).