1 Hurt As Hazardous Materials Spill In UPS Truck: FDNY And Video

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    1 Hurt As Hazardous Materials Spill In UPS Truck: FDNY And Video - Patch

    A UPS truck in East New York became the site of an FDNY investigation when hazardous materials spilled and sent one person to the hospital.

    Hazardous materials in the back of UPS truck sent a person to the hospital Thursday afternoon, according to officials and video taken at the scene.

    Emergency responders rushed to investigate a UPS delivery truck parked outside a Foot Locker on Liberty and Lincoln avenues about 1:35 p.m., said the FDNY.

    One person was taken to Wyckoff Medical Center with minor injuries as emergency responders investigated the back of the truck, according to the FDNY and Citizen video.

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    A UPS spokesperson told Patch in a statement, "UPS is committed to safely transporting hazardous materials. We are investigating the situation and working with local authorities."

    What a load of crap.
    Package probably busted and became leaky after some preloader hastily dropped it on the floor in a desperate effort to keep up with his 5 car pull.
    UPS is only committed to one thing and that's cramming as many packages down the belt in a short a time as possible in pursuit of the almighty dollar.
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    Another employee on the hook for probably not following UPS Safety Training.