1$ sorting raise?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Ant12, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Ant12

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    I know you get it if you are a "skilled worker" and pass a zip code test. I'm a loader. If I take this test and pass, am I entitled to the raise even if I stay loading and not sorting? Am I still considered a skilled worker while I'm loading and not sorting? Also how would I even go about taking the test...who do I ask? What do I study from?
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    Once you get skilled pay you keep it no matter where you are in the building. I have heard if you go out of the building you lose it though.

    They don't have to give you the test. They might do it if they like you. There is really no reason for them to do it if you are loading. There is less reason if your hub has smart scan. If they do give it to you, you would study from the load charts.

    I think you get 1$ too if you handle ground. But you can't get 1$ + 1$ for sorting/splitting and ground, as far as I know.
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    At my hub, they're practically begging people to go up to the sort aisle because nobody wants to apparently. They're hiring new people and putting them straight up to the sort aisle. To answer your question though, talk to a sup who works up on the sort aisle and ask if they need sorters and they'll give you a sort guide to study from. You have to remember all the zip codes and where they go in the building. You can also get a $1 raise for being pickoff certified on your PD.

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  4. Johnny Paycheck

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    The pickoff test is easier. All the loaders on my belt are pickoff certified.
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    Yeah, I'm pickoff certified myself as well. It definitely is easier than the sort test.

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  6. Johnny Paycheck

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    It's a free $100/month.
  7. Ant12

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    That's why I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!