10min Late = NoCall No Show?

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    Can somebody tell me or show me where to go to find out some info on No call no shows, what a working termination is, and what are the guide lines for suspension? We get way different answers from all members of Mgt. if we even get an answer all. Seems most either don't know or don't want to say from fear of being quoted. We (the entire pre-load)cant really go from there previous actions with other employees b/c they've all been given different disciplinary actions for the same problem. Most of this comes from people being late for work. Recently they've added a rule that if your 10min late then its considered the same as a no call no show. Any words of wisdom besides "Just be on time" would be greatly appreciated.

    Are there indeed "special" co-workers that seem to get away with murder, or was Mgt. just in a good mood that day.!?
    (Seems to be the underlying question) :laughing:
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    SB- I think it is fair to say that most centers operate under different guidelines. So it is best to ask your Sup or Preload Manager what is the attendance policy for your center.
    But for the heck of it I will give you the policy for our center..perhaps others are the same..who knows..I know I don't!

    We have a 3/3 or 6/6 policy..or 3 occurrences in 3 months or 6 in 6 months policy.
    If you are late or absent it is consider (1) occurrence. If you are absent 2 consecutive days it is charged as (1) occurrence. Absences beyond 2 require a doctors note before you are allowed to return to work.

    For a couple of weeks management was really cracking down on us and sending people home for clocking in 1 minute late. That ended really fast.
    And as for your bonus question...of course there are "special" co-workers...some are of the "short bus" variety..and others just command respect. ;)
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    Talk to your union steward.

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    Yes there are special workers. Every center manager has his "lap dogs." Our shop steward is one. It's very comforting.
  5. But Benefits Are Great!

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    We have a pre-load guy in our center, been there 11 years. He no call / no shows at least once a week. They threaten to write him up, they never do.

    We have another that started 4 weeks ago, late quite often, and they are all over him like stink on a skunk.

    Bottom line, it's management's call. Sometimes they look the other way, sometimes they don't.
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    The new guy is in his pre-seniority. If latenesses continue he may not be there next week.
  7. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Yeah, that is a good point. Guy who is no-show once a week is THE senior guy there, guy getting hassled has not hit 30 days.
  8. Mike Hawk

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    Maybe they don't mind him not being there, 11 years he probably makes some good money, a lot more than a new hire for sure.
  9. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Another good point - he supposedly makes $17 & change per hour, and is then self-employed elsewhere.
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    like everyone else says it depends on ur supes/management. i remember back when i first started they can care less as long as you called but even when you didnt they wouldnt get mad they would just tell you to try and call next time. we had a few guys that would miss a couple times a week but the way they punish them is just sending them to unload(no write ups or sending home) even if they had seniority in another area.
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    The rules are pretty lax in my center. I know a few guys who are 1 or 2 minutes late each day and the worst that happen to them is a smart comment by the center manager.

    I don't think 10 minutes late should be considered a no call/no show. If i'm going to be late I always call to give them a heads up. I do it so my route won't be taken out by someone else if I'm stuck in traffic.
  12. ups56man

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    if they are short people they dont fire so easy
  13. Channahon

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    Now there's an idea, either call from home or a cell phone on the way to work, to let the management team know you will be late.

    That is just having manners and holding yourself accountable to be at work on time. Says a lot about employee character.

  14. browniehound

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    Most of the drivers in my center call when they will be late. One or two do not and it can cause uncertantity in the dispatch plans. I have a conscience even if my intentions are personal when I call.

    Its funny how quickly times have changed though. I've been late un-annouced once or twice in 9 years. Last time was early 2000 during a snowstorm. Can you believe I had no cell phone(I got my first in '01)! Three to eight short years later, the center has every driver's cell number and I would recieve a call from my sup on his cell if I wasn't present shortly after my start time.

    I leave early enough and know how to avoid traffic even if there is an accident that I'm never late under normal conditions.
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    i missed one day this whole year!!!! it just happen to be on the day asked off, and was told i could not have it off, i called in 1 hour ahead told managment i would not be in (personal reasons) (went to Hospital very sick) came back next day, and i was terminated on the spot! for job abandament! wow!! after i was fired i told them i was at the hospital!, showed them my doctors note, ( i think they thought it was fake). i am on a working termination now, they offer me job back if i take the day they sent me home as a suspension, or i can greive it what should i do? p.s. i have great attendence!
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    There should be no question at all, file that grieveance asap before u lose the opportunity to do so. The management team are not doctors, who are they to decide whether you are sick or not.
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    It is likely you are a pre loader? This 10 min issue has been floating around as the companies position is that they need you there to do the work. It really may be up to the acceptance of your local.

    If you are going to be late CALL your manager or sup. They will give you their number often times. Communication is key.

    Look to your contract. read it and KNOW it. Argue from it. You would be surprised as to what you can get MGMT to accept since many are too lazy to know what YOUR rights are.
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  19. iowa boy

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    thanks for bringing back down to earth rod.:biting: you are right, most (not all) think they are god and have the schooling to be an MD in addition to trying to be the boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    As a part time sup(dont judge yet) there is nothing more frustrating them having the belt running with 1 puller and one loader. I have never ever been 1 minute late for work. a check of my records would confirm this. I guess it was the way I was raised but I am always 15 -20 minutes early. This allows for that traffic or other problem. I am staffed at 11 people although I think I should have 12. I very rarely have more then 2 or 3 people for the first 15 minutes as every one straggles in late. It drives me insane. Some then mess around as they clock in or even go to the bathroom. It is rude to say the least. I am trying to correct it but unfortunately I feel like my hands are tied. I like to try and get people to take the responsibility upon themselves. But they wont. I am not one to burn someone too easy because that rarely helps. But 20 minutes is 20 minutes. in that 20 minutes we can go under. I cant work because I am a sup and have a steward(sp) working 10 feet away from me. However I cant see the arguement that I am taking work from union guys when they refuse to show up on time. Unfortunately the union guy shrugs. If I were in his position I would talk to the guys but I am not. I do everything else I can to help and that is all I can do. I strive to be the best sup I can be. Not by towing the company line but by out hussling and outworking everyone else. But the union has my hands tied. I am limited to cleaning up all my loaders floors and "making room" in chutes. I encourage and push to a certain extent but in the end I can never get back that time lost right off the bat. I feel bad for a puller who has to try and work around chutes that are all the way up until help stumbles in. Its time for loaders to come on time and come prepared. I understand the rare circumstance but not the every day late guys. I would rather fight for my guys to get paid for the 10 minutes early they were and had to clean up something then fight with them because they are late and dont care. These are the same guys complaing in the end because we run late.i