10ppm / 1pe3s

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  1. Returntosender

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    Unloaders can you load 10 packages per minute? And guys on pickoff sort 1 package every 3 seconds? Loaders can you 10ppm without stacking packages on the dock? If anyone can work at that pace constantly without anyone getting injuried? What hub do you work at?
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    the None HUB
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    here we go the wind bag little boy is back, but i still like you. "i will crush you" stop it you are so funny.
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    He would be fresh meat at my center. Women can out-load men any day. We can multi-task much better.
  5. Returntosender

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    Helloworld you scaning smalls. Those smalls you touch are already presorted for you in totes. 1400 to 1600 pph. You have sort 25packages per minute to make 1400 to 1600pph. "i will crush you" over the net. You should change your screen name to undescended testicles.
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    my brother works as an unloader... he can knock out a full 53' trailer in half an hour... doesn't it normally take about an hour and a half?

    I told him why? you're in the union and is getting paid by the hour:smart:

    now, you set the bar too high when you go union & they'll abuse you until you break down:sick:

    he did got heat exhaustion the past summer & I told him once you're union, just do as directed but don't kill yourself in doing so:sad-little:
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    I call bs on this. Your way of thinking is why unions are going to hell.
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    I say if your keeping the rollers/belt full when unloading your doing alright.
  9. LKLND3380

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    Work to the best of your abillity and use proper methods... Even if you can do 1000ppm if you are not using PROPER METHODS they will write you up.
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    Welcome back LKLND, haven't heard from you in quite a while.