11th Annual CECP Board of Boards Convenes and Recognizes UPS’s David Abney

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    Abney Honored with Strong Start CEO Force for Good Award; Recognized for Efforts to Address Societal Challenges and Build Business for the Future

    Fifty CEOs, including David Abney, Chairman and CEO of UPS (NYSE:UPS), today convened at CECP’s 11th annual Board of Boards: Competing for the Long Run,February 29, 2016 in New York City. A Forbes-named top three “power player” event for CEOs, the Board of Boards is a closed-door, CEO-to-CEO forum on the case for thinking long-term about business and societal strategies.

    At this year’s event, Abney was awarded the CECP’s first-ever Strong Start CEO Force for Good Award, which honors CEOs new to their positions who have in their short tenures made outsized impacts within their companies and community.

    In 2015, UPS employees logged 2.35 million volunteer hours, putting the company well on its way to achieving its goal of recording 20 million hours by the end of 2020, and the UPS Foundation funded the programs of more than 4,000 community-based nonprofits and NGOs worldwide. Additionally, UPS already reached more than half of its goal for its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet to drive a billion miles by the end of 2017. When completed, this accomplishment will enable UPS to have avoided as much as 12 percent of its annual conventional ground fuel use.

    “There’s no other forum of CEOs that focuses on bringing balance to long- and short-term business strategies for the benefit of business and society,” stated Daryl B, CEO, CECP. “These CEOs bring purpose to their businesses by aligning with and investing in society. It builds trust. It engages employees. It improves the business reputation. It opens up new opportunities for the long run. And we are seeing increased evidence that it is leading to superior performance.”

    Executives at the event share insights and best practices to help advance the impact of corporate community investment, while tapping strategies that are a competitive advantage.

    While the Boards of Boards was a closed-door event, a high-level summary including live polling results, images and highlight videos will be available on the CECP website.

    CECP, a coalition of CEOs who believe that societal improvement is an essential measure of business performance, was founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman and recognized by Forbes as a leading convener of “power players” in business.