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    I was reading an article at caranddriver.com about the H-D edition of the new International LoneStar and it said that the truck has an 18 speed.

    Having only driven for UPS, I was curious of how one shifts this transmission. I found a couple of videos on youtube that somewhat explained the process.

    I still have one question: if you shift using the clutch, would you use the clutch for splitting each gear?

    I do know it is not neccessary to use the clutch at all when shifting (except to intially take off from a full stop), but I am asking this from the perspective of one who uses the clutch at all times to shift.

    P.S. I do not wish to get into a debate about the merits of using the clutch vs. not :happy2:. I fall in with the clutch camp and I cannot be convinced otherwise :raspberry:.

    P.S.S. The H-D LoneStar is one cool looking truck!
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    I just happened to be reading that myself. I don`t if I would want a truck that pretty,it sucks to get it scratched. As far as clutch I`ll do it through the early gears because they come so fast. After that I`ll just row through the the later gears because there`s more time before the rpms drop. It helps to have an older truck thats broken in and has a trans thats not so touchy.
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    The lower gears with an 18, 15, and even some 13 speeds are so close together that if you double clutch every gear you will wear your leg out. Most 18 and 15 speeds are low reduction. They are mainly used in trucks that haul heavy loads all the time. If you're not heavy, you just skip splitting the bottom half. When you are heavy, it is alot of shifting, but it takes alot of wear off of the motor and clutch. My brother drives a Pete with a 650 Cat with a low reduction 15 speed. He needs it because sometimes he's grossing 130K plus.
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    u dont have to clutch to split each gear

    i drive a super 10 sometimes, but i hate them, to much work, im use to a straight 10 or 8 speed