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    I just finished my 1st week as a driver helper. Awesome experience! I started the week (Tue) with 1 driver and he told me we did 101 in the 3 hours I was with him. He told me I rocked and was going to put in a good word with Dispatch about my solid work ethic. Called in the next day and was told he is light and isnt using a helper today so I got a different driver. My new driver is also very cool and we get along well. I was with him 3-4 hours each day for the remainder of the week. I'm told I will be with him for the remainder as long as he needs help. 140 - 198 - 126 rest of the week. He even lets me use the DIAD on occasion and get some signatures. Most of the time I just bust my arse to the door and back in a brisk pace. I am no slacker, every house gets a brisk pace. This is evident by the pain from my toes to my hips right now. But its all good, I expected to be sore. You guys bust your tails off so why shouldn't I.

    So I get a call from my dispatch guy Friday morning telling me I am getting rave reviews everyday and asked me I wanted to continue after seasonal. He is going to put in a request to HR as a candidate for permanent PT after the season. I am pretty stoked about it as I'd love to make UPS a career. Seems almost all the 18-24 year old helpers are slacking. At that age they should be running circles around me at 43 years old. I guess its about attitude (Is this a Career or just a Job).

    I guess this is where is should ask questions but I really don't have any. I was just looking for somewhere to share my excitement. Keep up the great job Drivers! We are here for you!
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, Riverfisher! You sound like a hell of a helper, enjoy Peak!
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    Most helpers are slackers. If your sore then your doing the job correctly. Keep it up.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The motivation of the helper is in direct relation to that of the driver.
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    Very true. I think what gives the helper confidence is me giving my helper compliments on his hard work. I taught my new helper in a week not only to use the DIAD but to get signatures and move safely (he no longer goes around front of truck). I can drop him off and not have to worry about him getting tripped up. I return to the area and he and cart is waiting for me all packages delivered.
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    i just threw up in my mouth
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    forgive me for being skeptical but you're a drivers helper in your first week and you know about Brown Cafe AND have the need to post about how great it is to be working for UPS??? I call BULL:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I've driven through Jersey---just breathing the air can make you throw up.
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    Hey HERO your not the next best thing to sliced bread. Your just another helper and not only one that does a good job. UPS will fill you with as much BS as they can just to keep you coming to work untill Dec 23.

    Your 43 and you want to make UPS a career. It going to take you 5-10 years to get a drivers job if you even get a PT job.
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    I actually I found this place after I google searched a bunch of question about being a driver helper a couple weeks ago. One of the searches pointed me to here. Ive been reading the posts here for over a week and I noticed alot of negativity but some ready good information. So if negativity is your thing....go for it. I have thick skin
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    Never said I was a hero.

    Also, you must have missed the references where I give you drivers respect. Why the negativity?

    I am aware of the years to get a drivers job. I don't expect anything handed to me whether it be loader or driver. To be honest I would love a position in Tech Support.
  12. RiverFisher

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    My 1st reply didn't show up so I will try again......

    I found this site while Google searching a bunch of questions about being a drivers helper a couple weeks ago. One of those searches pointed me here. I've been reading alot of the posts since then and got some good insight as to what to expect. As with every forum/message board there are gonna be those people that only criticize. It's no problem, I have thick skin so have it.
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    OMG! Not another one who is so good , that with only 5 days as a helper, he has the admiration of the management team. This guy sounds like he can do it all. Maybe they should start him as a Center Mgr after peak is over.
  14. Re-Raise

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    I don't get the negativity either RiverFisher.

    You seem to be giving it your best effort and have a positive attitude. Those attributes will help you in the helper position and any other position within UPS. Good luck the rest of peak and with any other job opportunities at UPS.
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    I started in early November and when I started it was slow. I've been with four drivers so far. The routine between each driver is substantially different. Experiencing different drivers helped me realize the wide variation between each driver. It's been interesting thus far. So far I've been able to work every working day.

    Just getting used as a runner got boring quick. The first week, the assigned driver didn't even let me touch the DIAD. Now I get to do almost everything with it. Despite 30 min training at the center, which was spent keying in address with the assumption EDD is not in use. So first time I got to play with it, I couldn't even DR front door myself.

    I still get stuck from time to time, but now I can handle most things that needs to be done. Thanks to help from people here, especially UpstateNY, I can now handle reading the EDD, recognizing # of packages per stop, suite/apt numbers, signature required, InfoNotice, signed delivery notice and duplicate stops.

    I'm still shaky with doing LeftAts and prerecord.

    Stops that are complicated (to me anyways) still stalls me. One stop had 7 packages of all the places, at an apartment complex, where I was told I can't DR unless they're shipper release.

    This stop was something like this and I got stuck and it took me over five minutes :biting::sad-very:

    2 shipper release that I could leave at door
    1 signature required envelope
    1 adult signature required no Left-At allowed
    3 standard packages

    What I wanted to do all in one stop was:
    leave two shipper releases at the door
    take four to the manager's
    Take the adult-sig back to the truck in one stop.

    Sheet one:
    I sheeted two target.com stuff and the wine together. Did NI-2 on the wine, checked adult sig required at the apartment on the InfoNotice. Since I did leave the target stuff at the door, I finished it as stop complete. I just wrote on the InfoNotice to pick up all the remainder except the Adult-sig at the manager's office and that we must get signature at the apartment for the wine and that we'll make the final attempt on Monday.

    The three normal packages and one sig required, I made a separate sheeting, pre-recorded. I let the driver deal with them.

    What I hate the most is when I've just finished up a stop like that with NotIn and run into the consignee on my way back to the truck. I can do a duplicate stop on the wine, but I don't know how to dig things out of pre-record :greedy:

    I'm just a seasonal helper too. I didn't know about this forum until I considered becoming one. Before I applied, I searched about UPS driver helpers and this forum came up in the result. We're not bad people. Don't look down on us :(
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    UpsGuy 72 was right on..They will play you untill the 23rd..then drop you. If and when volume picks up as it did for me in 82 then after Jan 1st You may get called back..I started at 30 and was lucky to go F/T right off the street , and did not have to go P/T at all , I did make it a carreer and retired in 08 with just over 25 yrs...You may be gung ho now but little by little you will lose steam along the way as UPS has a way of doing things that only those and others like myself who have gone through it would understand..You have no Idea..Trust me...:surprised:......
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    RiverFisher, I'm glad you found a job you like in these tough times. It is true that managment may be only blowin smoke in order to motivate you to keep your pace. I'm not trying to be negative, but keep this in mind. These people will try anything to make their numbers look good.

    Nice name btw. I just got off the river myself, and was a pretty good day for Dec. 3rd. I caught 1 blue cat around 18lbs, and 3 in the 4-6lb range that I kept for the table.
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    They are catching steelhead and coho's right now, here--thru Feb. Wicked good year for steelhead, I guess.
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    Steelhead look like alot of fun on tv. We don't have them down here in the south though. :(

    Oh, and I love the new shirt, missed a button btw :wink2: