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    1. Is it true I can ask to be put on a 'Saturday Air' Driving Bidding List, even though I've been with UPS for only 3months? I've been told that would be a good way to learn about the Diad what not..However, pay was only $10/h or so?

    2. How soon can you drop ' a letter of intent' of to HR? -- How do I know our Hub is looking for new Sups?

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    Just check the bullitin boards,If a Air Job comes up,sign the list..if no/one higher than you signs or fails road test or DOT phs. its yours
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    1. Pay rate schedule for air driving, refer to Article 40, section 6 in your union contract.
    2. If they haven't already asked you to put in your 'letter of intent', something's wrong. But go ahead and do it, NOW!!! ASAP!!!!!! Check with HR on who to submit it to.
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    IS there anyone in your center you can ask/?