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    This is probably a stupid question, but I saw the "highlights of changes to 2010 healthcare" on upsers.com today. Looks like we're going to a pure % of cost instead of the copay/% of cost model.....but it doesn't say what that % will be. Anybody have any additional info? It better at least be a % of the "negotiated rate" and not the billed rate. I've seen billed at $8000, negotiated rate $500. No kidding.
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    That could be for management?? They can't change our healthcare if it is something that was negotiated in the contract....
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    atleast you guys get coverage
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    heard something along those lines at my building . . . full time management will get the screw
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    Just read the latest mailing from UPS on the 2010 changes to non-union healthcare.

    UPS is putting the screw HARD to the non-union workforce.

    Like....here lets help you start a saving account. Good luck with that.
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    So, anyone want to rant here about that nasty, socialist, guv'mint plan known as "Medicare for All" that progressives want to put in place? Only someone willfully not paying attention didn't see this coming. What part of "the insurance companies don't want you!" is unclear to anybody? Even a big company like UPS has no leverage in this situation. We are screwed because right wing wingnuts are tools of the corporate greedheads who run insurance companies, and it's a lot easier to bleat "death panels" instead of having a coherent conversation about how to fix the real problems.

    The current health care 'system' is simply unsustainable, period. It is bankrupting individuals, even those with health insurance. It is bankrupting small business, assuming they can find any coverage. And it is seriously cramping even big business, who can't compete with companies in other countries, since THOSE FOREIGN COMPANIES don't have to pay health insurance for their employees!

    The insurance companies are as stupid as Wall Street was (and is): after you have fleeced every dime you can squeeze out of your victims, there is nothing left. So you die. A GOOD parasite leaves its host healthy. These parasites are literally killing us. The fact that they will die in the end, is really small comfort.
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    If this was 2020 Healthcare coverage thread.
    The question would be, how much will they raise my share this year !

    Just for the hell of it, this is what most of us up here think :

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