2019 Driver Helpers


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I have worked with many helpers over the years------some were really good and others not so good. I was able to get 3 of them hired on after Peak. I think a big part of that was using my helper as more than a "point at house and have them drop off" worker. I taught them the basics of the DIAD and most were able to work independently.

There is no reason that a helper should have to drive 25 miles or more just to meet up with their driver.

The way our center worked it was they would assign us a helper and set everything up for the first day and it was then up to the driver to take it from there.

I did have one kid who worked on the inside who was supposed to be my helper after his shift-----he made the mistake of going home and laying down "just for a moment" and ended up sleeping through our shift.
Dayum...i kno that feeling. So easy to go hone n k.o. after 8 to 11 hours of preload and then ur driver says he doesnt need you that day


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desperate times call for desperate measures

if they need a helper bad enough and he agrees why not
Cuz you need that kid to hang in there for the next 4 weeks.

I have to give my former center manager credit-----he made certain that we did not burn out our inside helpers.


You would not be used as a helper after having worked 8 to 11 hours on the preload.
We do it. ::shrug:: They are capped at 12 hours for the day, but if they want to go out for a few hours after a midnight to 9-10am pre-load, why shouldn't they be able to? Isn't like they are being forced...