22.3 eliminated, pay cut

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by DTigers34b41, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. DTigers34b41

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    My wash/hub job has been eliminated. I was told today that my 22.3 status is no longer. I have to bump the lest senior pt on the reload. My hours now are 5pm -9:30pm then 1:15-4am(hub and reload), and will be getting a 4 or 5 dollar pay cut. They are making the drivers fuel, wash, park in designated area, and unload their own package car. Also no volume has been lost we are still running the same amount of package cars.

    I cannot find anything in the contract about the protection of 22.3 jobs

    Any info will be much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Good ole UPS. Some of us part-timers are wondering if we'll ever go full-time. I'm seeing more jobs cut lately than added. Is UPS creating 22.3s to satisfy the contract requirements then eliminating them later with no recourse? Hmmmm. Is there a gaurantee that you'll be working reload and then 1:15-4am?
  3. 705red

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    Have you talked to a steward or your union agent on this yet? See here we all have different language in our contracts and or supplements so the answers you receive will be right for that certain part of the country. Get ahold of someone from your union asap!
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    This is what your union reps are there for. This is why you pay those union dues every week. Now hold them accountable and get them to fight for your rights.
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    I don't think they could reduce your pay rate, but then again we are talking about the Brown Bully here...
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    In my building some of my friends were revenue auditors who are 22.3 FT jobs were cut, but they were able to take other full time jobs in the bulding. In our building once you are FT thier is no going back to PT.
    How long have you been FT?
    Are you still in probation?
    I have not heard of them being able to eliminate you from FT status. I would get with the union asap. It sounds like they are trying to pull a fast one on you.
  7. Just Lurking

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    I do not believe that he is being bumped from FT status. Just no 22.3 job. For lack of better description "He is being forced to work unassigned on 2 separate PT jobs. He losing pay because bumping back into sort where is seniority will carry him. The pay rate is what he would receive with his "x" number years on that job.
    It is the same for package car drivers. If you laid off from package and bump back to one or two sorts, you would get pay rate of part timer not your full scale driver rate.
    Street hire drivers have it even worse since they have no inside rate if they are laid off. Street hire driver with 3 years seniority makes $28.17/hr. While part-timer with 3 years seniority earns ~ $10.50/hr. Thats quite the lost in pay while laid off. CS contract rules if the company does not screw up and keep paying at full rate scale.
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    I understand what you are saying being bumped from the 22.3 job and doing 2 pt jobs, but is he should still be classified as 22.3 ft and should not have to take no more than a 1 hour lunch between shifts as the contract states. The company should find work for him and not do a split shift . Is every state differnent on the 1 hour lunch requirement?

    The language for 22.3 is very vague in the contract. In my building there is a problem right now on senority and overtime.

    I do remember a few years ago some drivers did come back in the building and they took a pay cut. Some were out $9 a hour.
  9. 705red

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    Look in the contract under lay-off not 22.3!