22.3 Payrate question.

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    hey guys, I just have a quick question that I'm having a hard time getting an answer to.

    Last year I took a 22.3 job, outside/inside. I'm trying to figure out why my pay rates are so different. I'm at top rate with my air route at 27 dollars and change, but on the inside I drop all the way down to 16.70.

    Is there a specific reason for this? I know the inside/inside guys are making top rate for both shifts.
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    I suspect your job technically falls under Article 40, not Article 22.3
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    You may be in FT progression for you FT inside job, and were already a air driver making top rate for your air rate? Just a guess.
  4. Jobs with air as a part of it pays your part time rate for the inside work and article 40 rate for air. Split rate.
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    Oh okay, I just wasn't sure how that worked. Was confused about it, but thank you!
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    Even though your position is probably cake if the $ is an issue I would bid out first chance your get. YOU will never catch up to the other article 22 ppl. I had a similar job and always felt shorted because of BS language in the contract that they are twisting !
    Good luck
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    Sorry to bring up an old thread. But I have a similar question. I know that my inside rate would be based on years of service. But the air driving part, would I have to start at $15.50 and go through a 2 year progression? I'm a air driver at top rate. HR told me I would keep my rate, but then I heard from others I would have to go through progression for the air driving part. Looking at the recent contract, they added language to article 40.6 stating you would be red-circled if going from PT job to FT air job. But it's 22.3 combo job, so not sure if the rules apply. There's nothing in my local supplement about this, so it would have to go by the Master Agreement.
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    Typical UPS way of making it more difficult than it needs to be. Combo with air is 2 different rates of pay.
  10. You would keep your air driver rate as they have their own seperated progression. So you would be at top air rate while driving, and move through progression in your other position to top rate for that position. 4 years to top rate from full time seniority date
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    Are you the only person in your building why do you even ask about a pay rate on this site
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    In this area, your PT air driving years do not count towards FT progression. You start at your PT inside rate, and new progression FT air driver rate in Art 40.

    Also here, you are guaranteed 3 hours of air driving no matter how many inside hours you work.