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  1. tim1982

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    I just recently won a 22.3 bid and the title is work as directed. The first 3 weeks I was in the small sort and they ask to to take a sort ilse test. I passed and now I'm up there. The question I have I've had multiple shoulder and back surgery and the sort Isle job is really killing my body. I'm not a pusillanimous, I've just got beat up from loading and unloading trucks for 10 years. Since the job is work as directed shouldn't they be able to move me considering my problems or should I just go to the doctor and get a note? I wanna keep my job, but my body just isn't holding up. Thanks for any help
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  2. Rack em

    Rack em Well-Known Member

    Won*... Since it is work as directed, you work where they decide to put you. You can always ask to do another position, but whether they let you is up to them
  3. Turdferguson

    Turdferguson Just a turd

    If that is where they need you then you,have to work as directed if there was nothing else listed on the bid sheet
  4. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Threaten a Workman's comp claim.
  5. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    Any way you can follow all the safety methods and not get hurt? If you can't you should reevaluate UPS as a career choice. Would giving up the 22.3 help you? Sounds like you lift above the shoulders in your job.
  6. undies

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    I have some major back issues, but still manage to work with and keep my job as a driver. You need to find a way to do the job, as directed and still keep your body in tact. Whether that means you move extra safe, take extra steps to lift/lower, use existing equipment. Not sure what can apply to your specific job but if you want to stay with ups, pretty much any job is going to be hard on your body!
  7. tim1982

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    I've been there 16 years so I know all about there safety talk. I've drove a truck and worked everywhere in the building. I'm not lazy or miss work. I'm just asking can I be moved? They seem to move others around with no problem.
  8. PT Car Washer

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    Of course management can move you to a job where you wouldn't get hurt and just as soon as you threaten a workman's comp claim they will.
  9. tim1982

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    Thanks a lot, I'll have to try that. I just left my doctors office now.
  10. Bastiatian

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    Article 37 says they have to take into account the physical condition of the employee. I'm not sure if it will do any good, but you could at least attempt to grieve it.
  11. tim1982

    tim1982 New Member

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. They know I have had problems before. I worked in the unload and loaded trucks for 8 years and then had knee replacement and they put me in the small sort. The 22.3 was work as directed but they said the guy who had the job before was doing retapes but said they needed me to do small sort. The second part was to do sort Isle. I'm not looking for free money or anything, I just want them to try to work with me a little. It took me 16 years to get a full-time position and I don't wanna give it up.
  12. Bastiatian

    Bastiatian Well-Known Member

    If the sort aisle is really as bad for you as you say, then it may be an option. I don't know if it will go anywhere--my steward has never had anyone before me attempt to file on Art. 37 for that particular clause (the issue ended up being resolved without grievances), but it's worth a try. Don't abuse it though. Only if you think you really can't keep going without risking an injury or some other permanent impairment.
  13. tim1982

    tim1982 New Member

    Thanks again for all the info. I work with pain everyday but never this bad. I work twilight and night and the night sort in a hub has nothing but heavy stuff. I'm a strong guy and I was really struggling to get the boxes on the orange belt over my head and throwing the bags to the small sort. Thanks again for the info.
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  14. Bastiatian

    Bastiatian Well-Known Member

    No problem. Good luck with whatever course you choose to take. I would recommend removing the location you work at from your post though.
  15. Retiree

    Retiree Active Member

    I have never seen a 22.3 bid as a work as directed. How would you know whether you want the job or not as it can change from day to day. Makes no sense.
  16. UnsurePost

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    Certain local unions make deals with ups to circumvent the 22.3 language, that was negotiated in the late 90's. Most of our newly created 22.3 jobs are WAD 8 hours, which should be top driver rate. This was done to make certain political people look endearing and have something to spout off about at rallies in the coming year, for all the new full-time jobs they created.

    The NLRB should really get involved in this...but it'll never happen.

    I really feel bad for all of the buildings that are missing the FT opportunities, nationwide, because of greed and corruption of a certain few.