24 Month Top Air Rate Question

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  1. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I have been a cover driver/air driver for 18 months now and have recieved the appilicable raises for both. $13.50/hr for air and 85% of top driver rate for cover driving. According to the contract my next air raise is supposed to occur 6 months from now, which, would put me at 24 months as an air driver. In the contract it says the "24 month top rate" is to change each August of each year of the contract. I will hit the 24 month mark in April 07 so the question I have is what will my top rate be exactly? In the contract it says $20.50 as of August 1, 2007 but don't I have to go through "progression" or something like that?? I find it hard to believe that I'd jump from $13.50/hr to $20.50/hr in 6 months. If anyone could school me on the way this works it would be appreciated. It's hard to get a straight answer at work. And when I can get an answer on any issue it takes forever. Browncafe is a good alternative source for info and is usually quicker.
  2. DS

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    You will get top rate all at once .
    A deal is a deal.
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    are you sure its 24 months?
    Cause I thought that too. but its
    actually 30 months for me 2.5 years regular driver.

    But anyway, ask another air driver with seniority what he makes.
    no harm in that... (unless there is no other air driver)
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

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    According to the contract it's 24 months for top air pay and 2.5 for a regular full-time driver to progress to top driver pay. I just don't understand the air part because it is supposed to go up each August but it's hard to believe we'd go from $13.50 to 20.50 in just 6 months.
  5. SmithBarney

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    While your in progression you don't get the yearly aug 1 raises,
    Once you hit 24mo. you get the annual raise.

    I think thats what you are asking.
  6. chonky

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    What does 24 month top air rate mean? Whats the job description?
  7. damang

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    at 24 months for air driver jobs you go to current top pay when you hit 24 months. So, yes you go from 13.50 to 20.50. After that you get raises every august (when the top pay increases and/or you get COLA raises)
  8. damang

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    It's the highest wage that person will make as defined in the contract. What it means is that the progression from lowest wage to highest wage takes 24 months. So if you become an air driver today I think you start at 11.50 or something. BUt at 24 months of driving air you go up to 20.50$ per hour.