25 years ago we was on strike


1997, I remember it well.
Learned the truth and facts behind the strike and refused to be played by Carey and the Hoffa money power games.
I quit the teamsters just before the end of the strike.
Ouch, someone is going to call me a scab and threaten me.
My feelings, and my body, might get hurt.:whiteflag:
Some tried and they did not succeed.
Retired as a circle of honor driver in 2014 and UPS will pay, and has, for my retirement, not the union.
The teamsters lost more than they gained playing with the UPS pension fund control.
25yrs ago is not a long time.
25yrs from now making the wrong choices will feel like an eternity.


Retired 21 years
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That’s @rod in the middle in the driver uniform …the supervisors have the clubs.
The first strike in the 70's was nothing like that. Our Center Manager even ran an extension cord out to us so we could watch 8mm smut flicks on the side of a UPS trailer. He even said he hoped we got everything we were asking for because that would mean management would get that and more also. The second strike was a little more heated. I only recall the cops having to show up twice and they were Teamster members also so they were VERY nice to us.