2nd day-a.m.


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After reading the press release for a new 2nd day-a.m. service, it appears to me that now they can be sent to residentials and required to be delivered by 10:30. When it first came out 2nd day-a.m. only had a time commit to commerical addresses, not residentials.


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There were days when I had over 60 pieces of next day air to deliver. I really don't know how I would have gotten second day airs delivered by 10:30 as well.


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ups79, that was always a grey area on the 2DA AM. Why would a customer have it sent AM if it would be delivered at the same time as a regular 2DA, to a residence?
I luckily havent had too many yet, but just count em up and tell the sup, cant be done if there are too many. What else can you do?>


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All of these service enhancements have helped to influence my decision to go into feeders, it is a whole different world all the pressure is gone and if you don't mind working nights it is a great job and you can still walk after you retire..


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hopefully this new 2nd am time will bring about some more full time jobs. but in the mean time make sure you tell your sup. that you have to many for the commit time.

glad i am retired.