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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by yo0123yo, Aug 2, 2006.

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    Well I already went to my interview with UPS, and this is my 3rd week and still no call from UPS, I'm trying to work as a p/t package handler. So I figured what the hell, why not try FedEx, so they told me to apply in person, which I did, then they gave me my first interview on the spot and told me to come back tomorrow for my 2nd interview. I already took the orientation and saw what the job is going to be like, it looks tough but i know I can handle it. Fedex's starting pay for p/t package handlers in my area is 9.50 if you work twilight and day and 10.00 if you work sunrise and 11pm-3AM, i chose to work twilight(7-11pm) because i'm starting school in the fall, and they say they give medical benefits after 1,000 working hours. The pay isn't bad at all for a starting position either :)
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    Look at that starting pay folks! I thought union jobs always paid better?


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    Don't slap the union jobs so hard without acknowleding what goes with it. Full benefits for you and your family, retirement from a part-time job, paid vacations, tuition re-imbursement under certain conditions, seniority rights and a contract for your labor.
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    Fedex makes pretty good money considering. When you look at different aspects of the job, you can see why bringing in FDX into the teamsters will never happen. Then too, that gives unpredictable morons that are in leadership of the teamsters too much power over the economy, something that should never be allowed to happen. Imagine if Jr called a strike at UPS and FDX at the same time, think about the depression if you want to understand how it would hurt the economy.

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    Good point about coming into the IBT as they would either have to take a paycut or UPS would be forced to match FDX starting pay. The truth is the difference could be in the benefits UPS gives verses FDX but I have no idea on that subject. Maybe others can fill in that gap.

    As for a strike by both UPS and FDX at the same time? Never happen. Gov't would block it but more important the IBT couldn't handle it. Besides, majority of strikes are a result of contract expirations and the IBT I hope wouldn't be so stupid as to put UPS and FDX on the exact same contract cycle. Could you imagine trying to negociate both contracts at the same time?

    WHEW! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!
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    So the government would block a strike but they won't do anything about the price of oil?
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    Are you talking about Fed Ex or RPS (AKA "FedEx Ground")? When I worked at RPS they started out at a higher rate and got raises faster BUT they stalled us out at 10.50/hr and no benefits. That was 6 years ago and things may have changed. The real FedEx is better to work for as a part-timer than FedEx Ground.
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    yea its actually Fedex ground, i went in for my 2nd interview today and got the job, i got an orientation scheduled for monday to sign a couple papers and intoduce me to the company, anyone know how much % of your check the state of illinois takes out total?
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    Yeah, you could say it that way!
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    come april 15 you owe 3%. you can have them hold out as much or as little as you want.
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    I worked for FedEx Ground and UPS at the same time for about a year. For a while that was happening all over the country. About a year after RPS was bought by FedEx they started saying they couldn't hire anyone that was working at UPS. That is what the real FedEx has always said. They didn't try and fire anyone that was already working there before the new policy. The cool thing about FedEx Ground is that you can walk in there in work your butt off and move up. You can't do that at UPS. I was working as a shifter after about a month of unloading. The other guys that worked at UPS also were a little ticked at me for it. I told one of them that the reason many of you don't get better jobs is because some of you try to act like you do across the street at UPS (example: calling in every week, half assing it, or even no call no shows). FedEx Ground won't put up with that as much as UPS. The only reason they do at all is because it is the same ole hard, dirty, repetitive job as UPS so naturally turnover is high. The downside to the job: The only full-time job to advance into is full-time management. I would much rather do that at FedEx than UPS but I still said HELL NO!
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    Try getting into Fedex express as a handler. starting pay is a little more and after 90 days you will get full medical, dental, vision,and 401k. If you stay longer than 5 years you are also fully vested for a pension that is maxed out at 25 years. There are also many perks with Verizon, GM, hotels, airlines, etc.